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Now and Then: 6 Celebrities Who Need to Call their Former Hairstylists

While celebrities are notorious for changing their looks over the years--to keep fans intrigued and magazine editors a-calling, there are a few starlets who have changed for the worse, not the better in terms of their hairstyles.

Here are six celebrities who could use a date with their former follicle gods.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker
Goddess and guru of all things fashion--this eccentric movie and television actress seems to have lost her style stride when it comes to having a marvelous mane. In recent years, SJP has worn her hair in "ombre" like fashion with dark roots and brassy ends. Not only is the dark too severe and aging on this SATC star, but her hair looks lifeless and awkward with two tones. We'd love to see this Manolo maven return to her days of bubbly blonde curls.

2. Jessica Biel
The wife of superstar songbird Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel is often photographed during mundane activities. Sometimes her hair is on point--looking long, youthful with a bit of wave, and other times it just looks like she got out of the shower and let her mop air dry into a weird messy state. Biel loves super dark hair and bangs--neither which is very flattering. C'mon Jessica add some copper highlights again and bring sexy back.

3. Michelle Williams
While few people pull off a pixie cut better than Michelle, this perennial tinkerbell style has grown a bit tired for this actress and ingenue. The heavily bleached and super short cut looks a bit severe while Michelle's former mane was highlighted with pretty dimensional shades of cool blonde and honey. A little extra length also makes Michelle look younger and more vibrant.

4. Katy Perry
Battling Lady Gaga for the craziest coif crown, Perry loves experimenting with electric blue, violet and pink hair shades. Recently Perry threw boyfriend and total #MCM Orlando Bloom a 40th birthday party and showed up with a horrific orange bleach job that made us question her sanity and stylist. No, teenage dream--more like nightmare(!)--this looks like a Sally's home bathroom bleach job gone awry. Perry get back to your former mane man fast!

5. America Ferrera
Actress turned political activist, Ferrera recently debuted a shorter highlighted bob just in time to take on Washington. With this new fervor for democratic causes, America may have lost sight of her hairstyle game. Appearing older, with noticeable roots and less length, this Superstore Latina looks washed out and less glowy. Note to self: chunky blonde highlights don't look good on everyone. 

6. Drew Barrymore
Mastering the art of bohemian hair, Drew looks fun and carefree with her loose waves and often root-heavy hairstyles. Still, as she now is a 40-something it seems like her surfer girl style is just too ambivalent, too youthful and too long for this Santa Clarita Diet star. Oh, Drew, returning to your RomCom lob with sunny highlights would make us love you Ever After

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