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9 New Nail Trends for 2017

Kim Kardashian showed off matte chrome nails with a twist. Adding a bit of flair to her usual talon-long stiletto nails with pointy tips, Kimmy went ahead and pierced her spiky nails. Say what?! On Snapchat she displayed the results of one epic manicure that ended with hoop piercings on the end of her freshly painted digits. So, if the Kardashians are taking their fashion to fingers, what's next in the world of beautifying the hands? Manicures with jewels? Painted portraits pinkies? Henna nails?

Here's a roundup of what to expect and what to try in the world of nails for 2017.

1. Pierced Nails
Whether shiny, matte or glossed, pierced nails are the new way to accessorize fingertips. A hoop or charm off the end of freshly manicured fingers is sure to add a bit of glam to any ordinary polish. Tutorial HERE

2. Multi-Colored Nails
Forget a pretty pink OPI manicure or a boring red Essie paint job. 2017 is all about nails with attitude. Multi-colored nails are fun and flirty--just pack on the polish, apply a few gold studs and rock those pretty digits.

3. Ombre Nails
Notice-me nails are often bright and unique and ombre fits the bill. Ombre nails can be glossed with any paint colors and offer a pretty faded out effect. Tutorial HERE

4. Bling Nails
Bold, graphic and artistic, these tan and black nails are sure to win envious stares. Designing bling nails can be time-consuming but the effort is worth the result. For added panache, try a tuxedo, striped, lace and leopard nail designs with rhinestone jewelry decals. Tutorial HERE

5. Sprinkle Nails
Try to resist snacking on sweet fingertips with these colorful rainbow nonparelis. Ideal for satisfying candy cravings sans calories, these festive nails are perfect for birthday parties or other fun, celebratory events. Tutorial HERE

6. Stiletto Nails
Beloved by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Khardashian and Fergie, stiletto nails may not be practical but they're totally tigerish and fiery. Encrusted with jewels and rhinestones, these nails are even more eye-popping. Tutorial HERE

7. Text Nails
Perfect for Valentine's Day, these black, white and baby pink nails are edgy and exciting. A mini-heart and a message of 'Love' is cutesy without being too juvenile.

8. Newspaper Nails
Extra, extra, read all about it on your pretty polished fingertips. News-making nails are all the rage for those seeking to express their love of the printed word. Tutorial HERE

9. Matte Quilted Nails
Skip the glossy polish for seriously sophisticated matte stiletto nails. Icy and indifferent, this cool quilted style is perfect for any fashionista. Tutorial HERE

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