Amy M. Spagnola


8 Really Pretty Beauty Tattoos

According to statistics, the percentage of U.S. adults ages 26 to 40 who have at least one tattoo is an astounding 40 percent. Almost half off young adults have a bit of skin ink. And if you're devoted to beauty, skincare and cosmetics, it would make sense to acquire a sassy new tattoo which proudly declares your love of all things glamour.

Here are 8 really pretty beauty tattoos that might serve as inspiration for your next visit to the tattoo shop:

1.) Stay Strong--This colorful leg tattoo is perfect for the bada** chick who wants to be feminine and fierce. A mirror with lipstick writing as well a pair of lips and stiletto make this look like the stamp of a modern-day heroine.

2.) Bold and Bright-This arm ink with a compact, lipstick and perfume bottle is perfect for the intrepid femme fatale. 

3. Beauty-A simple tattoo with a big message, this lipstick lover tat is great for the girl who works as a makeup artist or even as a hairstylist.

4.) A Spritz of Saucy-This shoulder and arm tattoo is ornate and unique. A classic perfume atomizer works well as the featured art in this bold beauty-focused design.

5.) Polished Perfection-A dripping nail polish bottle plus a few large roses makes this back tattoo a standout. Ideal for those who worship their local Ulta store.

6.) For the Shear Fun of It-For those barbers, hairstylists and beauty devotees, a hair scissor tattoo is just the right way to create a beautiful statement.

7.) Pain is Pretty-A large ornate fairy tale mirror with a dramatic beauty quote is especially striking on any slab of skin.

8.) Reflection Perfection-A woman applying lipstick is the ultimate display of feminine empowerment and sexuality. Ideal for back art, this tattoo works for any girly girl.

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