Amy M. Spagnola


5 Ideas for Creating a Noble Princess Academy Party

As the holidays have come to a close, now is the time to plan birthday parities, children's celebrations and fun activities to drive away the winter doldrums. Inspired by the Superhero Academy idea, this party will be a huge hit with any pre-teens. The Princess Academy party will require a few DIY projects and a bunch of hungry aspiring Princesses!

Here's a few ways to make this party the crowning achievement of your hosting history.

1.) Royal Stations
Each girl attending the Princess party will need to prove she has what it takes to live in a castle and reign over her kingdom. A few station ideas include: a Book Balancing station--to prepare for wearing tiaras, High Heel Obstacle Course, Prince Love Letter station and Tea Pouring stations. For a DIY project, try creating tiaras with beads and pipe cleaners. Or setting up stations for party attendees to make their own sparkly and colorful crowns.

2.) Decor
The Princess Academy needs to look official and serious, much like school. A classroom atmosphere is the goal. Adding a few desks to the room, a chalkboard or a bunch of Princess books for reference will make this party really shine. Another DIY project would be to have each attendee make her own Princess Handbook with their own rules about royal life and ideas about kissing frogs, times to wear the crown and how to get the best beauty sleep.

3.) Entertainment
All party entertainment should be strictly enforced as Princess media. Airing on television, "The Princess Diaries" and in the background Princess playlists. If you're striving to make the Princess Party a big event, hiring a few costumed characters--like Sleeping Beauty or Elsa to teach Princess classes make every aspiring monarch want to listen and learn.

4.) Certificates of Completion
Each Princess grad should be awarded with a glittery graduation certificate. The certificate should have the attendee's new Princess moniker....Princess Emily of Park Street. Or Her Royal Highness Emily Lancaster.

5.) A Royal Send-Off
Each newly anointed Princess should leave the party in style. Whether in a carriage or a decorated car, this marks the debut of her new Royal Highness. If it's not possible to rent or buy a set of Princess wheels, each girl should have a Cinderella carriage keychain to take home.

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