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5 Golden Globe Fashion Copycats 2017 Edition

The Golden Globes are all about sexy silhouettes, cool coifs and easy, effortless glam. For a few stars, the Globes is the opportunity to show off incredible designer duds and for others, a chance to recreate famous fashion moments from the past. Whether intentional or subconscious, many starlets recycle famous frocks from other superstars. Here are five celebrities who decided to emulate the chic and show-stopping looks from other celebs closets.

1. Jennifer Lopez Copycat Emily Ratajkowski
A star in the making, model turned actress, Emily Ratajkowski is ready to take Hollywood by storm. One snag: she needs an original fashion calling card as she seems to have copied JLo circa the 2016 Golden Globes. Both stars donned flowy yellow gowns with subtle ruching and snake-like bling. Equally interesting, Emily recently chopped her long locks to further imitate the shoulder length hairstyle of GG 2016 Jenny.

2. Cate Blanchett Copycat Emma Stone
The award winning Australian actress and star of films like Elizabeth and Lord of the Rings, Blanchett has mastered the art of wearing ultra-feminine and embellished gowns. Stone took a cue from this blonde beauty and opted for her own pale and flower encrusted dress for this season's Globes. Equally stunning, both Stone and Blanchett love colorless couture.

3. Julianne Moore Copycat Natalie Portman
Mustard was a popular color choice for the Globes this year and has remained a perennial favorite for celebrities to stand out in a sea of glittery gowns. Not afraid to display a growing baby bump, the Black Swan actress recreated Moore's sunny style from the 2012 Emmy awards. Both stars glowed in long sleeve canary evening gowns with subtle diamond bracelets.

4. Jennifer Lawrence Copycat Sarah Jessica Parker
Always one to leave her fashion stamp on the world of television and film, SJP went from original fashionista to copycat clone. For the 2017 Globes, the Sex and the City star wore an ill-fitting and unflattering dress that looked like a strange hybrid between Lawrence's 85th Dior Oscars look and a weird wedding gown. Sorry SJP, even fashion icons have off days.

5. Reese Witherspoon Copycat Reese Witherspoon
Accused of twining with herself, this Cruel Intentions star thought a bright pale yellow dress would mark a second comeback. Not to be undone by 2007 Reese, this pretty blonde brought back the big Golden guns with a sunny strapless dress and cool choker. Sorry Ms. Toth but one lemon frock is fierce, two is just desperate.

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