Amy M. Spagnola


8 Biggest Celebrity Hair Disasters of All Time

While many people are dedicated to their swishy shoulder length hair, few celebrities are content with  a regular mom bob or perfectly perpetual pixie. No, celebrities must go the extra mile and add extensions, wigs and hairpieces galore. Not to mention regular color changes and texture experimentation. While some of those in star circles manage to change their hair constantly and still look ah-mazing (see: Victoria Beckham) few are able to pull off tress transformations that are too radical. Here are 8 celebrities who dared to play with follicle fire...and got burned.

8.) Nicki Minaji AKA Zoo Thang
Meow! More like Tony the Tiger met Malibu Rapper Barbie in this disastrous hairdo that was un-belieweaveable. Hopefully for Nicki a leopard can change its spots.

7.) Britney Spears AKA Poodle Pop Princess
Even sweet Southern charmer Britney Spears suffered epic follicle fails. She may not be that innocent but her hair screams Toddlers and Tiaras gone awry. #permproblems

6.) Cameron Diaz AKA The Craft Extra
Cameron Diaz looks like a wannabe Courtney Cox with this black as night shoulder length hairstyle that is oh-so unflattering. Good thing this former model returned to the bleach bottle or her career may have ended prematurely.

5.) Miley Cyrus AKA Gwen Stefani Circa 1990s
While we admire and respect Miley Cyrus' don't give a fu*k attitude, her hair is just trying too hard to keep up with the cool kids. Spiky and platinum, poor Billy Ray's offspring seems like a punk ska hybrid with nowhere to go but down.

4.) Kim Kardashian AKA White Hot Horror
Kim Kardashian tried and failed at being a blonde bimbo. Back to brunette bimbo status stat. Luckily Kylie Jenner is keeping the family's blonde ambition alive.

3.) Jennifer Lopez AKA Hairspray Hoarder
Jenny from the Block really lost her magical lady mojo when she went for this high-as-the-sky bouffant look for an awards show. The normally ravishing 40-something took a page from the pageant playbook and suffered the consequences. Wonder if any birds nested in there?

2.) Rachel McAdams AKA The Old Jennifer Lawrence
The 'It' girl of a few years back, Rachel McAdams seemed set up for blockbuster babe status. As her star as slowly lost its twinkle, her hair has also lost integrity from the multiple film roles, changing colors and odd cuts. Rachel's heavy rooted ombre hair is just giving us a hankering to hit up the local Sally's for a box of bleach.

1.) Taylor Swift AKA Grandma Goes Rogue
Poor Taylor's hair suffered a big whoops in 2016 when she went from retro pop princess with adorable tawny tresses to bleach queen supreme. The cut, color and style were all wrong for this man-eater and Michelle Williams doppelgänger. Nice try Tay, sorry, but you should never ever get back together with your blonde-happy hair stylist.


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