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7 Reasons Why Quitting Facebook Will Make You Much Happier

If you've yet to come up with a New Year's resolution that resonates with your soul--fear not, there's still time...time to ditch Facebook. While billions login to Facebook every single day, this social site is like signing up to revisit a weird virtual high school reunion full of awkwardness, uncomfortable moments, curiosity and fakery. While connecting with loved ones, viewing pictures of far away relatives and making plans with friends all seem like admirable ways to spend free time, in reality, most of Facebook perusing results in negative emotions. A place dedicated to illusion--this social media site is like watching a friend flip through 75 pictures of herself to delete all selfie snaps but the one where her double chin disappears, her moles are suddenly obsolete and her hair is perfectly bouncy and beautiful.

Save your sanity, self-esteem and sense of serenity and stay off Facebook in 2017! But if you still need more convincing--here are 7 good reasons to stay off Facebook forever.

1.) You Have a Real Life
If you're craving a Facebook hit, why not head to coffee shop, bookstore or a museum and surround yourself with flesh and blood human beings. Take your dog out for a walk instead. Start writing that great American novel. Clean out your pantry. Every second spent reading retail ads and updates on Facebook could be spent enjoying the company of other people, pets or pursuing projects. Even the laziest non-Facebook time is more meaningful than time browsing Nordstrom promotions amid pictures of your ex-boyfriend's new fugly wife.

2.) You Dislike Drama
While many people have calm and lovely friends and family members, odds are that your Uncle Steve may want to vent about his political views or your friend Jenna can't resist ranting about her idiot co-workers or your "friend' Sally lives to post about constant marital issues. When you have a strays in your social circle that have extreme or dramatic ideologies, it's easy to absorb some of this crazy through the social media site. A social acquaintance in my friend group became obsessed with our outings and events and began cyber stalking our pages and if she saw an event or occasion she wasn't invited to would start texting and questioning people in the group. #stalkershowdown

3.) You Love Your Friends and Family
Over time, seeing posts about your friend Carla going to the movies, mall and restaurants with your bestie Emma, will make you f*cking mad. Every time you find out you've been excluded from some function, you'll feel betrayed, confused and hurt. Maybe your cousin Jennifer didn't invite you to her charming midcentury inspired wedding or your Aunt Dottie gave all her priceless antiques to your sister in Wisconsin. Whatever the offense, it will feel really icky. Back in the *old days* people had no knowledge of all their friends and families activities or that they went to that expensive Madonna concert.

4.) You're Not an Addict
A growing compulsion to do something represents an addiction. Whether alcohol, food or visiting websites, a person with addictive traits might find Facebook irresistible. If you're determined to stay clean and sober, there's no need to be obsessed, consumed or dependent on Facebook.

5.) You Like Secrets, Surprises or Staying in the Dark
Many people in life find that "ignorance is bliss." Finding out about your friend's spontaneous road trip to the Florida Keys while you're stuck in your cubicle prison or seeing your cousin's brand new shiny SUV while you drive around in an inherited Ford Taurus only adds to unhappiness.

6.) You Realize Life is Messy
Facebook is the ultimate web of lies. Filled with glowing and gushing pictures and posts of happy marriages, blissful babies and breathtaking travel, is only a "snapshot" of the whole picture. In fact, the more Facebook posts proclaiming a sublime relationship, the more unlikely this is the truth. According to studies, the greater number of relationship posts means greater insecurity about the union. And even more interesting, "people use Facebook to compensate for their relationship problems." I have one friend who recently told our social circle that she was leaving her husband--a few days later, there were posts of her out at a big family birthday party with said husband and after that, pictures of them together with their kids riding a train in the mountains. Clearly, her fantasies of divorce were eclipsed by the cold, hard reality of raising two children together, needing his financial and emotional support and the recognition of the impossibility of being a single, carefree person again BUT to Facebook friends and family, the marriage looks picture perfect.

7.) You Don't Want to Play the Comparison Game
Facebook makes everyone second guess themselves, their lives and choices. Even the most self-assured will find that the dizzying merry-go-round of phony 'photoshopped' Facebook posts will be a detriment to feeling content and confident. No one needs to feel bad because they don't have a dream job, perfect husband or huge house. Stop the insanity and free yourself from the chains of Facebook!!

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april said...

I quit Facebook & don't miss it at all.