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Life's the Pitts: 10 Hollywood Marriages Likely Headed to Divorce Court Next

While many were a bit stunned by the news of the Jolie Pitt breakup, there were actually numerous warning signs that this twosome was headed for splitsville. For one, their romance started as a torrid affair. Not exactly the best jumping off point. Second, Pitt seemed to change drastically over the years after coupling with the director-humanatrian-movie star, he went from a spry stud to a fatigued father; his friendships changed, his life became a traveling circus and his days as a marijuana-smoking motorcyclist were gone. He was chained to a woman who had altruistic ambitions beyond reason; his days as a free man evaporated much like the smoke from the pot he proclaimed to loathe.  A true sign of the wear and tear of living in the Jolie juggernaut? Brad Pitt's brother Doug Pitt (although younger) is now the better looking Pitt boy. Much better looking.

Well, no need to break out the tissues for this twosome, there are many more Hollywood couples to worry about. As we recently had to mourn the parting of Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts, we're reminded that many power couples fall apart.  Keeping in mind, these predicted breakups are only for the betrothed (that means Katy and Orlando, Miley and Liam, etc are not applicable in this article).

Here are 10 other celebrity couples that are likely following Brad and Angie to heartbreak hotel.

1.) Julia Roberts and Danny Moder
Married for more than a decade, this artistic pair have lasted through some serious ups and downs. While rumors have swirled that Moder isn't thrilled with his status as "husband of Julia Roberts" AKA permanent arm candy for America's Sweetheart, no matter, these two are still going strong for now. Still, Roberts previously had a very spotty romantic track record and has recently suffered a few major losses, which may contribute additional stress on their partnership. Reportedly, Moder was absent for the funeral of Roberts' mother.

2.) Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Maybe we just had an extra dose of haterade this morning but we suspect this country couple might be buying time before they head off into the sunset on separate horses. Married for 20 years, this comely couple seems genuine but rumors have persisted off and on that they're on wobbly ground.

3.) Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson
We want to like these two as a couple but we can't get over our affection for Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Weren't they so frickin' cute together?? HERE, HERE and HERE.  Regardless, Johnson doesn't seem to have his own career or identity--which could spell trouble for this pair. Also, there were rumors Johnson had gotten ultra-friendly with the 28-year-old nanny and she adamantly doesn't want any more children. 

4.) Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
The tabloids love this lesbian pair. Every week there is another rumor that Ellen is controlling, Portia is drinking and they're both fighting non-stop. Are these two lovebirds running out of time? The gossip magazines would say yes.

5.) Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello
While we kind of think these two have a shot at long-term marriage, perhaps because they wed at an older age, we still are hesitant to endorse this spicy couple for forever. Manganiello might be riding the gravy train, as he reportedly had a history of picking up girls frequently from his gym. Whether he was or wasn't hooking up by the barbells, one thing is for sure, this attractive duo would make the most easy-on-the-eyes offspring in history.

6.) Eva Longoria and Jose Baston

Another Latina brunette, Eva Longoria recently wed Jose television tycoon Jose Baston. Both on second marriages, this pair seem unlikely to last. Baston comes with some baggage in the way of four children and Longoria as stepmom? We can't picture it. In fact, we think Longoria loved the limelight and glamour of being a basketball wife when married to Tony Parker. Will Longoria be content to stay home and pack lunches for her new tribe of kiddos? Doubtful.

7.) Chelsea Clinton and Mark Mezvinsky

Tough to be believe but Mark was once known as a playboy at Stanford where these two sweethearts came to find themselves romantically entwined. Dogged by break-up rumors, Mark seems cold, withdrawn and unfriendly. Not exactly ideal dad or husband material. 

8.) Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
It's about time to call it quits for this pair. Madden who often is away down under filming The Voice Australia, lives the father free lifestyle a lot of the time while Richie raises the family. Single mom status seems to be hard for Richie. Seemingly on and off, this couple have struggled with rumors of extra marital affairs (on his part) for quite a while. 

9.) Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth
Call the divorce lawyers...these two are dunzo. Being arrested together doesn't seem to fit the marriage highlight reel. This blonde Southern belle and agent have long struggled with rumors of drinking, partying and brawling. 

10.) Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake
As few as two days ago, media outlets were reporting that this couple had finally bit the dust. Haunted by infidelity rumors, not to mention, Timberlake never invested in Biel's pet project the restaurant Au Fudge, this couple seem to be on shaky ground save for their son Silas. 

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