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5 Reasons Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Were Doomed to Divorce From the Start

Perhaps Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt were not the best matched pair. She a product of the tawdry world of Hollywood--daughter to Academy Award winner Jon Voight, Jolie was groomed to be in the limelight. Whether indifferent or obsessed with the flashbulbs that made her both a star and globetrotting guardian to the marginalized and maligned, is no matter. Jolie was destined for superstardom from birth.

Brad Pitt, on the other hand, grew up in an All-American midwestern family far from the dalliances, drugs and demons of sinister celebrity. Charming, good looking and even shy, this Oklahoma born actor was not bred and birthed by Hollywood royalty. He was just a regular Joe.

While Angelina scampered about in her twenties and thirties, experimenting with multiple men (and women), marriage and mischief, Pitt was betrothed to another All-American, wife and beloved Friends actress Jennifer Aniston. Pitt and Aniston glowed on the red carpet side by side; they exuded love and passion and happiness. On the other hand, in stark contrast, Pitt and Jolie often looked stern, serious and sad.

While Jolie was wearing vials of blood and trying to be a part-time lesbian, Pitt was looking for family, meaning and purpose. How these two from vastly different childhoods, different lifestyles and different priorities became the world's most well known couple is still a bit of a mystery. Regardless, Jolie and Pitt were not meant for eternal wedded bliss, in fact, Jolie's other offbeat and dramatic partners likely would've been and could be a better fit for this verified vagabond. Here are the top five reasons Pitt and Jolie were doomed from the start:

1.) She is wild, untamed and temperamental nomad
Jolie is a certified and professional rescue traveler. With compelling causes as her North Star, Jolie was not about to sit at home, do the daily school drop off and become an average peanut butter sandwich making mom, hardly, this knife loving actress was always going to prioritize the charity work she loved over having a stable and consistent home life for her husband and children.

2.) He is a party guy with plenty of pals
Jolie reportedly forbade Pitt from attending best buddy George Clooney's marriage to Amal. While Pitt had many friends like Matt Damon and George Clooney, Jolie leads an isolated existence with her brother James Haven as her primary confidant. Jolie forced Pitt to become more like herself, a social avoider with a withdrawn hermit existence. Party happy Pitt had to completely reduce his social network and limit time with beloved buddies after partnering with Jolie.

3.) She loves dark and devious things
From vials of blood to tattoos and knives, Jolie has dark and eccentric interests. While Pitt famously has had a love affair with weed, his affinity for S&M and gothic topics is unknown and unlikely. Pitt seems more playful and less interested in bracelets with plasma or earrings filled with urine, for instance.

4.) He is super close to his family 
With the exception of her deceased mother, and brother James Haven, Jolie has tense relations with family, especially her father. Distant and disillusioned by daddy issues, Jolie carries a chip on her shoulder from the lack of love shared with her dad. Brad has married parents and a good relationship with brother Doug.

5.) She collected children like snow globes
Perhaps the biggest sticking point for Jolie and Pitt was the large tribe they tried to adopt, birth and raise. While initially Pitt was likely very attracted to Jolie for her love of children, the daycare-family unit she tried to create most definitely fueled tension and stress in the relationship.

Undoubtedly Brad Pitt has aged a great deal since becoming enamored with Jolie. His skin looks worn, his wrinkles visible, his beard graying and his face in a state of perma-tired. Maybe 12 years was too long for Pitt and Jolie to try and make things work. In fact, their lustful affair probably should've been the end of the road for these incompatible Hollywood titans.

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