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Top 7 Most Awkward Taylor Swift Magazine Covers of All Time

Sure, she's been the reigning pop princess and country queen of the last few years. Yet, while Tay Tay's life seemed to be humming along beautifully with a super cute DJ boyfriend, Calvin Harris, and a thriving career, recently Taylor has careened off a cliff. There's the bad bleach blonde hair that looks like a home highlight job gone awry, the strange fashion choices that have taken her from retro sophisticate to disheveled grunge and the news that her swoon worthy boyfriend and her are no longer an item and instead she's ALREADY hot and heavy with Tom Hiddleston. While we applaud Taylor for taking risks and kicking her good girl image to the curb, it's still confusing and odd how quickly her looks and life have changed. Remember this stunning ingenue? Where did she go? Now, it's all about frisky Taylor 2.0.

In memoriam of old Tay, I've rounded up some of her most awkward magazine covers. You're welcome.

#7. Nashville Lifestyles, October 2014

Yes, Taylor is fun and dance-y. We get it. She poses on the cover of Nashville Lifestyles in some weird black cut-out jumper and a leather bowler hat. Not only is her gapping mouth always in this strange O-face but her arms are doing this weird flailing thing. The outfit is ghastly and her pose is just off-putting.

#6. Rolling Stone, October 2012
Taylor is very young and striking in this Rolling Stone cover photo but it just feels forced. Why feature an image where she's feeling up her own face for a pimple or giving her cheek a good scratch? The expression is a little dead and the leather letterman jacket is just whatever. The arm between the crossed legs is also distracting.

#5. Vogue Magazine, November 2014

Supposedly the Vogue cover of November 2014 was inspired by the 80's but the only vibe I get is 'strange tennis coach with a mullet.' Taylor's wet hockey hair is just so not fashion forward, feminine or flattering. A bad pink raincoat and a weird chunky cable knit blue tank sweater complete this uninspired ensemble. What happened to a pretty dress and great blowout? 

#4. Teen Vogue, August 2011
Seriously? The cover shot looks like a creepy pageant headshot. Sure, Taylor is all young and innocent but this is pedo porn waiting to happen. I swear it looks like she's about to show us fangs. The expression is just too creeppppppy!

#3. Mizz, May 2009
Sure, this cover came out ages ago and who knows if Taylor even agreed to being featured on this totally tween gossip magazine. Still, the pose is just too high school yearbook to ignore. Why the sultry, seductress eyes when you're still buying Clearisil and begging mom for rides to the mall? 

#2. Time, November 2014
I just hate this cover. I don't know if it's the seriousness of it or the plain and stark nature of the photo but it's too artsy and cold. Taylor is powerful for her cotton candy image and silly and carefree cat-loving nature. The photo makes her look like a sad politician on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Also, Taylor's wide set eyes and mousy hair are too much in an image thisclose.

#1. Maxim, June & July 2015

Isn't Maxim a magazine about hot, bikini-clad women? This has to be the strangest Maxim cover in the history of the publication. Rather than make Tay Tay look alluring, provocative and sexy, she looks like a boy again! The slicked back mullet returns. To give you an idea of the craziness of this cover, HERE is a typical Maxim edition. Hello? Is this real? Taylor's strange zombie gaze and lack of colorful makeup doesn't help. Plus, the netted cover-up top is just not hot nor wild enough.

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