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Swiftly Changing Style: Why Taylor Swift is Now a Grunge-Aholic

While Taylor swift is known for being totally adorkable with her love of all things retro, plaid and feline, this nymph songstress has recently taken a completely unexpected style turn that has transformed her into a bad Winona Ryder character from the 90's (see: Reality Bites). While Tay Tay's legion of fans are known for coveting her demure, dainty and fiercely feminine styles, lately, this pop goddess has taken a turn for the dark side. Embracing bleached blonde hair, Nirvana-esque fashion and a tattoo shop employee vibe, this pop singer has ditched the floaty, flowery dresses and high waisted shorts.

What gives? Why would such a pretty, lithe and girly singer change her style so dramatically? The answer: Rita Ora. The British singer who used to date her beloved Calvin Harris is Taylor's style inspiration (we're guessing).

Many women attempt to become more like the women that their significant others once lusted after. Call it insecurity, relationship insurance or the result of paranoia, being a style chameleon is oftentimes a matter of adjusting for a lover. Taylor's edgy Hot Topic look is not unlike the style of her boyfriend's ex-girlfirend.

Why would the once stylish and mod Taylor go for uber-grunge and goth? She wants to keep Calvin!

Taylor ditch the bleach, combat boots and bad girl clothing and embrace your inner wild child--even if she loves baking, slumber parties and cat trinkets. After all, you're purrrfect the way you are.

 B*itch Stole My Look: Rita Vs. Taylor

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