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Attract Love, Success and Prosperity: Dress According to the Chakras

The seven chakras are the energy channels for the body. Whether they are balanced or blocked, determines health and happiness. Opening the chakras creates harmony and vitality. To open these energy channels, chakra crystals and gemstones can be used as well as colors, food and exercises. 

 Whether you're on a first date and want to project confidence, you're healing from a digestive or circulatory ailment or you want to conquer that first job interview, here are seven outfits to help activate the chakras and regain a sense of power and purpose. 
Crown/Seventh Chakra, Solar Plexus/Third Chakra, Sacral/Second Chakra, Root/First Chakra
Third Eye/Sixth Chakra, Fifth/Throat Chakra, Fourth/Heart Chakra

Top Left: Indigo/White/Violet: Crown Chakra
Represents: Spirituality
Balanced: Peace, Wisdom, Understanding
Imbalanced: Limited Beliefs, Addiction, Apathy, Confusion
I Understand

Top Second: Yellow: Solar Plexus/Third Chakra
Represents: Personal Identity & Ego
Balanced: Strength, Courage, Self-Esteem
Imbalanced: Controlling, Competitive
I Can

Top Third: Orange: Sacral/Second Chakra
Represents: Creativity, Sexuality, Joy, Money Relationship, Pleasure
Balanced: Happiness, Joy, Sensuality
Imbalanced: Obsessive, Sexual Addiction, Rigidity, Guilt, Insecurity
I Feel

Top Fourth: Red: Root/First Chakra
Represents: Survival & Stability
Balanced: Health, Safety, Vibrant Energy
Imbalanced: Fear, Greediness, Sluggishness, Materialistic
I Do

Second Row

Right: Purple or Indigo: Third Eye/Sixth Chakra
Represents: Psyche
Balanced: Intuition, Creativity, Dream Recall, Calmness
Imbalanced: Lack of Visualization, Poor Perception, Isolation
I See

Second Row Middle: Blue: Fifth/Throat Chakra
Represents: Communication
Balanced: Expressive, Speaking Truth, Willpower
Imbalanced: Gossip, Criticism, Inability to Express One's Self
I Speak

Second Row Last: Fourth/Heart Chakra
Represents: Heart/Love
Balanced: Hope, Forgiveness, Compassion
Imbalanced: Shyness, Bitterness, Intolerance, Jealousy
I Love

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