Amy M. Spagnola


Fashion Fails: Jennifer Lopez Edition

While few pop stars have the staying power of JLo, this perpetual diva has had her fashion foibles. Known for rocking dazzling costumes, cutouts and thigh high boots, Jenny from the Block is usually a fearless fashion trendsetter but sometimes even a superstar like Jennifer has flops. Let's recap.

Left to Right
Look 1: Pass on Pepto
A good rule of thumb is never to dress like anti-nausea medicine. A Barbie pink satin sunburst dress with a stomach cutout seems a tad desperate and odd for this mom of twins.

Look 2: Ice Skater Much?
Red ruffles are clumped together like kleenex in this awkward bubble dress. Long tassel necklaces and glittery shoes make JLo look like a Dancing with the Stars reject.

Look 3: The 80s Called...
Not a fashion fail per se, Jennifer Lopez's excessive pink shimmery shadow screams sad Cyndi Lauper. Maybe she walked into a Michael's store and caught the herpes of crafts--glitter?

Look 4: Nude Nightmare
A flesh colored wrap dress is too revealing and too colorless for this American Idol judge. Bordering on Miley Cyrus territory, this satin dress wouldn't flatter even the fittest frames.

Look 5: The Silver Medal
JLo might deserve the bronze medal for this dated garbage bag look. A silver tent dress with a large floral embellishment is not flattering on Casper's cougar.

Look 5: Jenny Does Jumpsuits
An ill-fitting red jumpsuit makes this stylish star look like she's either hiding a parachute or a diaper or both. Not highlighting her gams or tum, this style is like a bad romper run amok.

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