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Fashion Fails: Jennifer Aniston Edition

While Jennifer Aniston is often ridiculed for her love of all things little black dress (LBD) and strappy sandals, this mega movie star actually does have other fashion moments (not all of them good). Aniston loves a less than flattering low cut sequin jumpsuit or dress, see: HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Not particularly buxom, wearing breast baring V-neck outfits more often than Adam Sandler films bad buddy movies, Aniston sets herself up for fashion questioning and judgement. Why expose your less than perky chest pals ALL the time? Apparently, she's even been dethroned as a style icon. Ouch. Here's a roundup of Aniston's fashion fails that are definitely worth a recap...

Left to Right

Look 1: Foiled Again
Not a particularly flattering fit around her middle, Aniston shows off her gams and breast accessories with this wrinkly gold foil mini dress. A dress that might work for a New Year's night event, this look belongs on the discount rack at Forever21.

Look 2: Chest in Show
A pale blue dress with a huge slit in the front plus an added ruffle boob bib is just too much. Was her stylist home with the flu?

Look 3: You're Fired 
Maybe there's an inside joke that Aniston wore an office-y pencil skirt to the Horrible Bosses 2 premiere and she was trying to look all bossy. Or maybe she just looked in her closet and thought that a ruffled peplum shirt with an attached belt was a brilliant fashion decision? Sorry Mrs. Theroux this look reminds us of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl or Ivanka Trump in her "work" wear.

Look 4: Wrap Star
Who let Aniston strut down the carpet in Christmas chic? A heavily ruffled pink dress with black sandals looks like she stole a prom dress and toga-ified it. Why Aniston, why?

Look 5: Hello Hippie 
A look Aniston rocked when she was still betrothed to Brad, this paisley-pattern swirl sequin top with long brown skirt and Medusa hair was a bit confusing. Maybe this look had to do with all the marijuana in the Pitt household?

Look 6: Biker Babe
A fun flirty skater dress is a perfect sihloutte for a summer floral dress, not a pleather S&M number. Is Aniston auditioning for another Batman sequel?

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