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Coachella Fashion Fails: Katy, Kylie and Kendall

Coachella is definitely an event for the cool kids. Whether you love or hate the idea of a smorgasbord of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, no matter, this Cali concert festival is a hedonistic playground and fashion showcase for some of the world's hippest and hottest celebs. For many stars, going to Coachella involves t-shirts and baseball caps (see: Leonardo Dicaprio) but for others, it's a chance to let their inner hippie take the wheel. At last, no more fancy gowns and perfectly coiffed hair; Coachella is for daring fashion and eccentric hair-rasing escapades, namely, braids, buns and bleach (see: Taylor Swift). A desert party has no rules...but we still judge...

 Here are two examples of fashion fails from this year's boho music fest:

Katy Perry

Ever one to enjoy a custey cruise performer ensemble, Perry loves the thrill of dressing like a fourth grader or carnival employee. This year, Perry went for pink Princess Leia buns, a blue guitar shift dress with pink Peggy Bundy slippers and a sky blue jumpsuit (literally). While the tribal romper isn't too terrible, Perry's other outfits are just all wrong. We're a little tired of Perry's penchant for cartoon and costume. 

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Forever stealing headlines and garnering Twitter haters, the Jenner/Kardashian family constantly mystifies with their taste in fashion, men and surgeries. For Coachella 2016, Kendall went for a boho princess look with heavy tribal statement necklaces atop a cream colored Egyptian dress; she finished the look with lace up gladiators. While this ensemble is not particularly offensive or style challenged, it's plain, boring and lacking creativity and originality. Kendall also chose a less flower child ensemble (far right image) with a black crop top, denim shorts and lace up Roman sandals. #plainjane #boring. Kylie on the other hand, went for a super revealing boring-less dazzling eye swimsuit with those fuzzy slippers that are of the moment (muppet footwear is a thing??); this daring look she allegedly stole from another music-loving Instagramer. While Kylie gets props for her daring and spirited attempts at being original, this bikini is too oddball and lacks any real fashion swagger. Can't these rich glamorous ladies find a flattering maxi dress and some super chic boho jewelry that isn't ridiculous? Or just a swimsuit without eyeballs, athletic straps and sequin?!? Good try girls. Don't worry...there's always Coachella 2017!

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