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Scare-Free Neutrals: Staging Your Home with Contemporary Decor that Will Entice Buyers

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By: Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

Most people shopping for a new home are looking for a space that is both homey and inviting. Buyers are typically not interested in a home that is cluttered, disorganized or represents an abundance of the previous homeowner’s aesthetic. Buyers typically seek a well decorated home which offers a clean slate for their own lifestyle and accompanying furnishings, décor and artwork.

Staging a home with modern flair that won’t scare off buyers can feel like a challenge, but in reality, it’s simply a matter of employing a few tactics for beautifying without cluttering or personalizing. A neutral home allows buyers to envision their life in the home.

Here are a few ways to incorporate modern décor that won’t garner disapproval from buyers who might be drawn to a different home style.

Pops of Color
While interested buyers might not design their own homes with bright or bold colors, designing a space with a few pops of color can add interest and make a home feel airy and open. Adding unique rugs with fun prints or using tall pillar candle holders in neutral colors like gray, can make add grandeur and artistic flair to an ordinary entry table or bookcase.

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Exotic Artwork
Many homeowners want a space that is comfortable and approachable while still charming and interesting. Adding bold and colorful artwork is an unexpected design choice. Dressing up walls provides potential buyers with eye candy and a way to distinguish and remember a home. Including a notice-me sculpture, painting or decorative item can infuse a simple space with a bit more glamour.

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Pretty Pieces
Gray walls and simple hardwood floors can be modernized and infused with attitude with a little decorating zing. Adding a starburst wall clock, vintage typewriter and colorful throw pillows can make a space sing with character and charm. Most buyers will not be opposed to a space with interesting accessories and creative décor. The key for staging with contemporary décor is not to go overboard; enlivening a space with a few memorable decorative pieces will be enough to tantalize buyers without scaring them off. 

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Bigger is Better
A dining room feels lavish with the addition of a large oversized contemporary mirror and unexpected animal statues. A showstopping icicle chandelier makes the eating area look even more polished. Edgy décor looks sleek and sophisticated when juxtaposed with more neutral furniture like a beige rug, simple glass table and hardwood floors.

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Staging a home with contemporary décor without scaring off buyers is merely a matter of using accessories as a means to highlight and brighten a space. Adding lots of color in every nook, including bold art over and over or inserting excessive trinkets will not enhance or enrich a space. Keeping the design simple, classic and interesting will be the way to win with buyers.

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