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Make Your Home Shine this Spring with Pops of Color

By: Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

Adding bursts of color to a home can make it feel renewed, thus, spring is the perfect time to give a home the rainbow treatment. Whether you decide to add artwork or accessories in bright and bold shades, using color will add some fun and vitality to existing spaces. Select colors wisely and add color sparingly. The key to an elegant and pretty home is one that is sophisticated but still fun and bubbly. Prepare to energize your living spaces by picking a new palette.

Here are some tips for making your home burst with color for spring:

Hues or Lose
Pale colors or pastels look fanciful when contrasted with an intense shade like fuchsia. Try taking existing colors in your design scheme and adding bolder accessories in the same color range to give your home an artistic and funky vibe.

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Paint Like Picasso
A brightly colored accent wall will exude charm and make a space feel vibrant and luxurious. If one wall is the focal point, try to be adventurous with the color choice and go for an unexpected shade. A bright orange, purple or lime wall color can make a room feel new and exciting and is the ideal option for transitioning into spring.

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Eclectic Buzz
Don’t be afraid to add color via accessories and furnishings. Go a bit crazy with punchy prints in rugs, chairs and artwork. Incorporate a variety of colors like yellow chairs, blue pillows, purple lampshades and multi-colored rugs. For the spring season, try and dabble with adding an array of colors to one space. Experiment with using dissimilar shades and patterns.

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Spring Forward

Want a way to add splashes of spring to your home’s current d├ęcor? Try decorating with florals and garden-centric shades. Go for greens, yellows and pinks. Don’t be afraid to add lots of odes to the spring season. Try pillows with rose blossoms, clear glass vases in grassy green and splashes of canary. Make every room feel cozy and comfortable for spring by including warm blankets, plush pillows and soft rugs.

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Beautify the Bathroom

For those who are timid about adding circus colors to their homes, there’s always a way to add just a bit of new design oomph. Homeowners who are not keen on colorful living areas can add a little bit of citrus or other loud-like shades to an existing bathroom. Plain cabinets can be painted in lime green and look elegant when paired with sea-colored accessories and tile. Bright colors give an ordinary bathroom a modern and updated facelift.

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Adding splashes of color to a home will be the perfect way to invite new energy and happiness. Be creative and willing to try a variety of color schemes and ideas to make a space feel dynamic and fresh for spring.

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