Amy M. Spagnola


Lively in Lace: Fashion Lessons from Mrs. Reynolds

Blake Lively is a fashion phenom, style savant and a guru of all things gorgeous. Pre-Ryan, Lively was a fashion tour de force all her own, and didn't need the extra attention of being betrothed to a Hollywood hunk but alas, now she's celebrity royalty (see: Brangelina) and a paparazzi's wet dream. Lively's secrets for always looking camera-ready? Windblown tousled beach hair, barely there dewy makeup and stunning museum-worthy gowns. Never one to shy away from beads, feathers and flowers, Lively is a fearless fashionista gone rogue. One of Lively's biggest style lessons for fashion-challenged peasants? Exude feminine glamour. Don't be afraid of color. Embrace lace.
All hail, Mrs. Lively-Reynolds.

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