Amy M. Spagnola


What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party and What NOT to Wear

Whether you've been invited to a friend's place for nachos and a football fiesta or you're off to your boyfriend's house for some serious male bonding at a pigskin party, it's time to figure out what to wear to that 2016 Super Bowl party. And if you're totally clueless about the proper ensemble for a sports-themed bash, fear not. We've made it simple for you to decipher the right outfit for a fashion touchdown. Here are the basic rules---nothing with glitter, no temporary team tattoos, no oversized and baggy jerseys, no referee eye makeup and no hair pom poms. Not even one!

Appropriate attire? Something chic and comfortable. A fitted team jersey shows just enough ra-ra spirit. Pair that top with cute skinny jeans and ankle booties with tassels. All the Go Team Go(!) without the ugly offense-ive threads.

What are you wearing to your football party this year?

Here are the basic rules for a fashion championship:

Just say no to cheerleader sparkle, jersey dresses and stripper sneakers.

No penalties here. Skinny jeans, a cute feminine jersey and suede ankle booties are the ultimate fashionable football statement.

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