Amy M. Spagnola


Fashion Trends to Try Now for 2016

Super stumped about what fashion trends to try to be a cool kid in 2016? Here are the top trends you should be sporting to stay ahead of the 2015 crowd.

A little bit 80s mixed with a dash of  Little House on the Prairie, girls everywhere will be embracing the button-down skirt trend. Often seen in denim, this cute and casual style is perfect for canvassing the mall or dining out with pals. Worn with a crop top or fitted striped shirt, the revival of the BDS is sure to be a trend come summer 2016.

Pocahontas ain't got nothing on you...suede dresses are a perfect ode to boho chic while still being sophisticated and edgy. When donning suede, keep accessories to a minimum and opt for a body hugging fit for more sex appeal.

Once a style statement only attempted by rock muscian groupies, fringe can now be worn as a add-on to boots, skirts, handbags and belts. Embrace your inner Woodstock babe and pile on the fringe.

Seductive yet subtle, cut out dresses add a glamorous zing to a simple dress. Perfect for a steamy date night or a raucous party, this trend is bound to make the cut for years to come.

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Jockson Rick said...

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