Amy M. Spagnola


Balenciaga Spring 2016 Review

By: Amy Spagnola
While most runway shows are fashion forward spectacles featuring towering heels and perilous pumps, the Balenciaga Spring 2016 Collection broke free from the traditional mold and instead, every model was outfitted in delicate, lacy slippers. Bucking more than just the fashion playbook for footwear, Alexander Wang took his last turn as Creative Director for Balenciaga and went for an urban-meets-bedtime collection that captured street style and mixed it with gauzy boudoir.

Featuring angelic white satin nighties, as the silhouette of choice, there was both an air of California hip-hop combined with the drama of naughty lingerie. Adding to the fashion fantasy, the collection showcased robes and ruffled dresses in stark white as well as crop tops in a linen-light fabric. In fact, the runway was a virtual white out of breezy fabrics and ruffled textures with not an ounce of rainbow.

Cloud-like gowns and snowy circus-style harem pants were accessorized with fanny packs, fringe bags and tribal pendants, giving the Spring 2016 Balenciaga Collection an edge and excitement while still being anchored to ladylike sentiments.

Models were styled with decidedly unglamorous hair and simple makeup. Loose and messy ponytails along with understated jewelry gave the models an earthy and bohemian attitude that perfectly matched the casual and craftsman clothing.

The Balenciaga Spring 2016 collection will forever be remembered for its cool urban twist on frosty loungewear.