Amy M. Spagnola


5 Celebrities Who Have Aged Terribly Over the Years

With the dawn of the new year, and lots of excitement and energy for living and being healthier, stronger and fitter, now is the perfect time to reflect on who is making the grade in the celebrity aging category. While some celebs have reversed Father Time with a remarkable comeback (see Brad Pitt at the 2016 Golden Globes), many have started to age and tire. Here are five celebs who need a total overhaul in 2016 and a youth elixir stat.

#1. Channing Tatum
Before & Now
Maybe it was the booze and babes in his strip club days that accelerated the aging of his boyish good looks or maybe the stress of extreme weight gain and loss? Or maybe having a toddler at home or doing back to back movies wore CT out? No matter the reason, Tatum has gone from glowing, doe-eyed and smooth to puffy, tired and dull; in fact, he now looks like a sleazy cab driver or Jersey Shore casting call reject. Apparently, there is no magic for this Mike.

#2. Britney Spears
Before & Now
Britney Spears always dazzled with her exquisite youthful vibrance and an "It" factor that was spellbinding. Be it her glossy blonde hair, cherubic cheeks or glittery white smile, Britney was captivating and unforgettable in a sea of flaxen pop stars. Nowadays, Britney remains watchable but has much less mystique than in prime. Britney went from incredibly toned, taut, tan and perky to much more "average" with cellulite, a bad bob haircut, too many fillers and a swollen appearance. Today, she's often see making Target runs in florescent running shorts or tank tops that are too tight for her mom bod.

#3. Katie Holmes
Before & Now
A breakout star in the 'will they or won't they' drama Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes had an approachable GNDV (Girl Next Door Vibe) that made her totally crush worthy. Holmes possessed an innocent and striking beauty that was both youthful and glamorous. With big brown eyes, shiny hair and radiant skin, Holmes was bound for greatness. But Joey Potter took a terrible detour into the arms of Tom Cruise, thus, killing her career and making her a single and haggard mom. Whether it was the scientology, sadness in a loveless marriage or the suffering career, Holmes lost her swagger and her good looks as well. Hopefully, her boyfriend Jamie Foxx will fix her broken heart and get her a date with a good derm and hairstylist.

#4. Matthew Perry
Before & Now
While he seemingly had the looks and wit of a late night talk show host, Perry was fun to watch as the affable and lovable Chandler Bing on the beloved television show Friends. Not necessarily the most handsome or the most buff, Perry still won the heart and adoration of female fans for his charming smile, fluffy hair and crystal blue eyes. But whether it was his flatlined career or his lack of stable romantic relationships, Perry never got his groove back after the end of Friends. Today, he looks paunchy, dishelved and in need of a shower. Poor Chandler.

#5. Johnny Depp
Perhaps the poster boy for living a clean, healthy and drug and alcohol-free existence, Depp was once renowned for being every woman's fantasy--a ruggedly handsome and devilishly precocious bad boy with soulful brown eyes and rock star hair. Today, Depp looks greasy, wrinkled and flabby. While Depp appears to have enjoyed puffing away on cigarettes, the thing that looks puffy these days is himself. The toll his lifestyle choices have taken on his looks is enough to send anyone straight into the aisles of Whole Foods.