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Time to Cleanse Your Social Media Accounts

Dejunk Your Social Media Accounts

We clean our houses. We clean our cars. We clean our closets. But what about cleaning our social media accounts? There's no better time than the holidays than to review and edit our social media connections. 

There are numerous benefits of a friend detox via social networks. Here are four good reasons to say good-bye to all those fake Facebook friends, pseudo-Twitter pals and unknown Instagram buddies:

1.) Less Anxiety
Cleansing your friend list and reviewing all the people you actually know might feel like a chore, but the end result is being left with a group of people you genuinely care about and know. While it’s not prudent to ditch that aunt in Vermont that always brings the drama at the holidays, just freeing yourself from the people that might be miscellaneous social buds will create a sense of serenity.

2.) Better Connections
If you feed isn’t filled with updates from people you’ve barely spoken to, you’ll actually see pictures of your bestie’s graduation from that Master’s program and your cousin’s promotion news. Ultimately, cleansing yourself of anonymous peeps will make your accounts more authentic and create stronger connections with loved ones.

3.) More Control
Creativity and productivity can be squashed by the overwhelming amount of information, people and photos on your digital media accounts. By filtering your likes, friends and photos, you’ll feel more in control and have a greater sense of peace and purpose.

4.) Positive Energy
Surrounding your life, energy field and person with positive people and things will create more optimism and excitement in your life. Dedicate yourself to unfollowing, deleting and hiding negative people on your social media accounts and you’re bound to feel more enthusiasm for life.  

Here is a detailed social media cleanse program to try today!

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