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The Curse of the Third Child

What is the recipe for marital bliss? Does it involve communication, shared values or similar life goals? The recipe for marriage success seems to vary by couple but one thing that might not make the ingredient list...three children.

Blogger and mom expert Laura Garwood writes candidly about the pitfalls of creating a trio with her revealing blog Short Winded. Garwood examines HERE how having a third child is a whole other universe away from raising a happy twosome, saying,"it's a universe that's kind of like running a marathon and hitting a wall and then being handed some bricks to carry while you run the last 7 miles."

Whether it's a Hail Mary to save a fledgling marriage or simply a complete coincidence, it seems that certain marriages cannot manage the weight of a third child. The added heft makes for contempt and chaos and leaves divorce in its dust.

Besides the obvious, raising and rearing a human being and the demands that it entails, why is a third child kryptonite for a marriage? Look at some of these three (yes, three!) celebrity relationships that didn't last through the third child's first day of kindergarten...

1.) Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner waxed poetic on talk shows and in magazine publications about how a third child caused her to "go over the edge." Little Samuel Affleck is a mere three years old and has watched mommy and daddy part ways.

Take a look at some the images before a third tiny tot entered the Affleck household.

Before Third Baby:


After Third Baby:

2.) Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
Never advise your daughter to procreate with a philandering, chemically dependent, emotionally immature and narcissitic adult or, you'll end up with Scott Discik as a pseudo-son-in-law (or someone that meets the description).

3.) Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
Newly single mom said goodbye to Gavin Rossdale before her youngest was even two. It begs the question--if your marriage is on the brink of collapse, why have another bambino?

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