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SEO Optimized Functional Medicine--Gut Health Post for Dr. Hagmeyer

“All disease begins in the gut.”

Gut health is crucial to overall health from immunity to emotional balance; a gut that is compromised can create a host of negative physical symptoms and can compromise wellness.

Dr. Hagmeyer seeks to create harmony and health in the body by helping patients heal their gut and intestinal issues. By using the principles of functional medicine, which treats the root causes of disease rather than masking or managing symptoms of disease and imbalance, Dr. Hagmeyer is able to restore the body to functioning at its optimal state and give the body a chance to heal.

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Stomach distress is always unpleasant and uncomfortable. If you frequently feel bloated, gassy or suffer from constipation or diarrhea, you may have SIBO. SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and can result in a variety of physical issues similar to IBS.

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SIBO sets the stage for other issues like leaky gut and conditions such as autoimmune disease, inflammation and food allergies. Bad bacteria in the intestines can create hormonal issues like impaired thyroid functioning and hypothyroidism. Thyroid issues can lead to fatigue, depression and weight gain. HERE Dr. Hagmeyer discusses the interplay between thyroid disease and IBS.

Many patients with SIBO suffer from a leaky gut. A leaky gut can result in damaged cells in the intestines, which alters enzyme production. A decrease in enzymes can hinder proper absorption of nutrients and vitamins and create ill health by weakening the immune system and making hormones imbalanced.

With an imbalanced gut, the body may overproduce or under-produce certain hormones and create conditions like PMS. Beneficial bacteria can metabolize hormones like estrogen but with an intestinal permeability, estrogen may be reabsorbed and bind to sensitive areas like the breast or ovaries and create fibroids or tumors.

The inflammation caused by leaky gut can suppress the normal functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Furthermore, inflammation can suppress normal functioning of the ovaries and adrenals and create more detrimental physical ailments.

Antibiotics, diet and infections can pave the way for bacteria in the colon to travel to the small intestine and create SIBO.  

Dr. Hagmeyer uses the principles of functional and integrative medicine to work with patients to determine the appropriate treatment plan to reverse SIBO.

Creating more favorable gut terrain can involve a program which addresses lifestyle factors, hormones as well as adrenal and liver function. Herbal treatment and dietary changes can make a significant impact on the health and functioning of the gut.

The factors contributing to SIBO that Dr. Hagmeyer may evaluate:
*Gluten intolerance
*Diet high in sugar or refined/processed foods
*Lactose intolerance
*Alcohol consumption

Important points regarding hormones and SIBO
The key to good health is a properly functioning gut—in order to have a strong and healthy intestinal system it’s important to balance gut microbes and evaluate and address contributing lifestyle and dietary factors.

Removing and addressing trigger foods as well as adding appropriate supplements can make a dramatic difference in the health and functioning of the gut and restore hormonal balance.

Want to relieve your gut issues, balance your hormones and reclaim your health for maximum vitality and wellness?

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