Amy M. Spagnola


Writing Sample for Nasty Gal

Writing Sample (as Requested by Nasty Gal Social Marketing Performance Manager 10/30/15)

Adele’s Record Breaking Return

She doesn’t twerk. Or do anything bootylicious. There’s no stage grinding or loud costumes. No skintight latex or fishnet red carpet looks. Instead of antics and accessories, singer Adele relies on heartbreaking lyrics and a soulful voice to enchant the masses.

Out of commission, likely at home in her London fortress singing devastating lullabies to her baby Angelo, Adele has not released a single in three years until last week. The single, “Hello” was a doozy—it received staggering numbers of YouTube video views as well as worship from a slew of celebrities and musicians. Katy Perry, Emma Watson and Lena Dunham all showed their support and joined the fandemonium for Adele’s newest release.

“Hello” proves Adele’s lyrics are as haunting as ever and her voice still oh-so captivating. Whether it’s called a comeback or just a reinvention, this British songbird is setting the bar high and hitting all the right notes.

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