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Throwback Article: 12 Friends Every Mom Needs

12 Friends Every Mom Needs

Oprah calls it the ‘momtourage.’ It’s that group of supportive pals that keep you afloat after entering the wild world of pacifiers and playdates. Pre-kids, your friend landscape may consist of irresponsible, party-hungry and dance-fiendish souls, but once you’ve become a baby mama, you’ll find these friends to be less than enthused with your stories of sore nipples and late night feedings.

The ‘having a child’ landmark ushers in a new era of needs in the friend category. Here are the ones that will help keep your sanity in tact and keep the mommy groove in your step:

1.) The Mentor
Being a mom requires mad skills—from delegating to diaper changing, every mom needs a sage of mommyhood (their own Mr. Miyagi) to look to for advice on all the ups and downs that parenting brings. From teething to tantrums, having a relaxed, calm and competent mommy mentor (a mom herself) will provide a source of inspiration and guidance that will be invaluable when times are tough or taxing.

2.) The Before Baby Friend
This gal pal is still single, and when you need a break from the world of child rearing you can grab coffee and talk about her latest Tinder dates, the new stripper pole workout you want to try and all things Channing Tatum.

3.) The Hippie Mom
She can swaddle in her sleep, and knows all the tricks to soothing a colicky baby including aromatherapy and baby reflexology. In her diaper bag there are lavender bamboo baby wipes, a bottle of Honest Company soothing bottom wash and organic nipple balm.

4.) The Fitness Fiend
You can both do stroller walks together. Or laugh and have at-home workout Zumba marathons while the kids nap. Or chat and take long strolls around the mall with kids in tow. Either way, this mom is priceless as you regain your bod and energy after a new baby.

5.) The Sweetheart
If the house is a mess, you’ve got three loads of laundry to do, the baby needs to be changed and fed, you still have to go to the grocery store and you just feel like sobbing and pulling out your hair, this mom or non-mom is a great sounding board. She’ll listen to all your mommy troubles without judgment and she won’t keep score of how many times she’s listened while you’ve vented.

6.) The New Mom
When you’re a new mom, it’s imperative to have another freshly minted mom solider in your army. This other new mom is just learning the ropes and you can share for hours about your latest disasters and triumphs learning the mommy dance.

7.) The Carrie Bradshaw
She’s all about fashion, celebrity and her creative career. Steal style advice from this friend or just sit back and gorge on all the latest gossip.

8.) The Family Member
Whether it’s your sister, cousin or mom, every woman needs a sounding board within the confines of their own family. This intimate connection keeps every mom feeling grounded, sane and understood.

9.) The Socialite
She attends all the parties and lives for late nights and boozy hook-ups. She’s your go-to for great stories of the nightlife and the world outside of Thomas the Train and Dora the Explorer.

10.) The Childhood Bestie
This friend knows all your quirks and calls at just the right meltdown moment. She can read your needs and knows how to remind you of your life before you were a monument to spit up.

11.) The Adventurer
She can regal you with stories of her latest trip to Paris while demanding you try that new sushi restaurant and go see that acclaimed indie movie. This friend keeps you from spending every day in your pajamas.

12.) The Pregnant Pal
Oh, the memories! This pal reminds you of all the nice things about not being pregnant and swollen anymore. You can lend her comfort and in the process feel better about your flat-ish stomach and lack of heartburn and hemorrhoids.

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