Amy M. Spagnola


Creating A Dreamy Master Bedroom Sanctuary

By: Amy Spagnola
Spending nearly 1/3rd of our lives tucked under the covers and fast asleep in dreamland, bedrooms are the place where we submerge ourselves in seclusion and serenity. A place to be revered for relaxation and rest, the master suite is where we can melt into a state of sublime detachment from the outside world, electronic devices and work.

Small remodeling efforts can transform a dated master suite into a new and revitalized space—investing in a few expansion or renovation projects can amp up the charm and character. If the master feels a tad cramped, adding some square-footage can create a more relaxing and desirable bedtime retreat.

To Zen-ify the master from outside energy requires that it be no longer bound to the chaos, clutter or commotion of the rest of the house—it needs to be calmer and cozier. The bedroom suite should be as inviting as an elegant hotel room and include all the assorted trimmings; it should be outfitted with plush bedding, soft lighting and romantic décor.

Master baths should feel like luxurious spas—a destination for soaking in a tub filled with jasmine salts or a retreat for applying beautifying masks and creams. The master bath should be welcoming and joy-inducing—with an accommodating counter layout, sophisticated lighting and breezy colors.

If you’ve tried or have yet to try to create your dreamy bed and bath suite, then follow this ‘masterful’ plan for creating a cozier space and you’ll be slumbering in satisfaction in no time:

1.) Nod to Neutrals

Many of us our drawn to bed and bath spaces which are painted with chocolate, grays and white—the soothing palette of subtle shades offers a truly enchanting escape. Additional elements of decorative drama or pops of color can be added to an earthy styled bedroom. Nothing is more relaxing than walls coated in delicate colors. When creating a cozy bedroom, choose creamy shades for paint and bedding that is light and airy. When designing the bathroom, focus on ‘clean and serene’ colors like white and powder blue.

2.) Textures Galore

No cozy bedroom would be complete without the ample use of fabrics in the form of quilts, canopies, pillows and a deliriously cuddle-friendly comforter. Choose bedding, which is both approachable and warm. Try a down comforter during the winter and switch to a breathable duvet in summer. For the bathroom, add luxurious hand towels, a cable knit throw for a vanity stool and other fabrics in cashmere or soft bamboo. 

3.) Bedside Manner

While embracing luxury is important, it’s crucial to remember function is just as paramount to feeling peaceful. Every bedroom and bathroom combo needs space for storage.  A bed is not complete without a side table for water, hand lotion, reading materials, phone and lamp. Neglecting a nightstand will create stress, as there is no place for nighttime essentials. Bathrooms should always include cabinetry or bins and built-ins for towels and toiletries.

4.) Dim Some

Taking a bedroom suite from comfortable to supremely cozy is merely a matter of the right lighting. A bedside lamp with soft pink or white bulbs will keep a master bedroom suite feeling romantic and opulent. Dimmer switches can be installed to add the right ambiance to a room for late night movie watching or after hours reading. A bathroom suite feels incredibly rich with the installation of a chandelier. The right overhead crystal chandelier brings in an element of old world grandeur and vintage charm. String lights on a headboard or twist around an oversized mirror for a truly heavenly and bright bedroom oasis.

5.) Rugs and Kisses

Stepping out of bed can be punishment enough without feet hitting cold and unwelcoming floors. To make a master suite decadent and cushy, there’s nothing better than an oversized rug. A thick shag rug or soft sheepskin can make toes feel warm and content. The right rug can also tie together all the other room accessories and offer a cohesive decorative dash.

6.) The Nose Knows

Even if luxurious sheets glide across the skin and soft light envelops the room, there is still something missing…scent. A bedroom suite isn’t complete without the addition of tranquil-inducing scents. Lavender candles, chamomile linen spray and dryer sheets like those from Bounce, called Sweet Dreams (containing vanilla and cedar undertones) lull even hardcore insomniacs into a state of shut-eye. Cabinets and benches can offer a perfect place to house aromatherapy accessories.

7.) Décor More

A bedroom haven is not complete without a few finishing touches. The right drapes can block noise, invite extra sunlight or add an element of privacy. The right chaises, chests and canvases can create a room that is unique and luxe. A bathroom space should be outfitted with divine details—a mirror glass vanity tray, flowers or photos adorning the sink area and vases or jars for cosmetic tools and bathroom basics like cotton balls and Q-tips. A master Suite should be the domain of the King and Queen of the house and should reflect the tastes, styles and ideas of its owners.

8.) Bath Works

Women celebrate and men savor it—the bathroom of the master suite has to be both private and lavish. Adding an assortment of upgrades can transform a ho-hum master suite into a heavenly hideaway. Floor-to-ceiling tile in shower stalls adds a genuine spa-feel, while a glass enclosed steam shower makes an elegant statement. Other deluxe additions like bathroom dimmers, skylights or clawfoot tubs make the master bath feel like a mini paradise.

9.) Project Renew

Installing a fireplace in a tired bedroom can add soft lighting and a sensual atmosphere perfect for spending time with a spouse. Or for fireplace reading, additional ambiance can be achieved with a built-in bench or seating nook. And for true wow factor, floor-to-ceiling windows create a bedroom oasis that is ultra-luxurious and private.

A sleeping chamber must be a soft place to fall--a room to snuggle with a loved one, watch television, read or nuzzle a pet. The perfect suite should be a place free of schedules, emails and the soundtrack of nonstop noise that plays outside the bedroom door. A few easy renovations, such as changes in fixtures, windows or even a small square footage expansion can make all the difference when it comes to creating a cozy and completely blissful bedroom escape.

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