Amy M. Spagnola


Why the Kardashians Should Give Up on Bad Boys

Lamar's self-destructive. Scott's an addict. Kayne's crazy.

The Kardashian family is known for their fashion fanaticism, endless self promotion and media mogul status. Another tell-tale sign of a Kardashian? Bad taste in men.

While a boring banker or a lifeless lawyer might not catch the fancy of a Kardash female, these are the men that ought to be front and center in the lives of these wealthy women with growing empires and weave collections.

Why do women want the bad boy? Is it excitement? The challenge? The chase? While most women would argue that dating an indulgent, immature or insane man would NOT be on their radar or fall in the 'desirable life partner' category, no matter, because women and especially celebrity women love to fall under the spell of the bad boy.

A bad boy (BB) is addictive for a variety of reasons...mystery, confidence and/or drama.

A female celebrity is often catered to and fawned upon whereas the BB never falls at her throne and instead flees or rejects her rule. The BB lives on his own terms--forgoing his health, common sense, family matters, the law and civil obedience in favor of fun.

Can a BB be reformed, tamed or saved? NO!!!

A BB is by his very nature prone to fits of selfish spiraling with no playdates or bedtime stories in sight; the narcissim he possess dictates that his life will be riddled with self-defeating and hedonistic engagements.

Lamar has children. Scott has children. Kanye has children. Yet, the BB's antics and attitude remain steadfast---focus on sex, drugs, alcohol and skeeze-y hookups. Or in Kanye's case, fits of tyranny.

The thrill of dating such a careless and cavalier man makes women dizzy with intrigue and careless with their most prized possessions--their hearts. Be warned Kardashian women--the right guy doesn't go on booze benders or have sleepovers with trollops. He calls, he keeps promises and he doesn't need a babysitter.

So, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney,  try out a nice guy for size. At first, it will be feel uncomfortable--his reliability confusing. His kindness bewildering. His consistency strange. But, soon enough, a nice guy will feel like home.

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