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The company name is Quality Driven Software. 

PRODUCT FEATURES: Survey delivery via email or SMS Client watch list for score drop, yellow or red lights (are we officially calling them that???), and no-response. Never have to worry about loosing those people who don't respond thru the cracks, because now you have the data. Weekly and Monthly Scorecards which you can print and give to your employees, so they can see the feedback first hand. Client Scorecards that show response history, comments, complaints and trends for areas they complained about. Company Scorecards that show quality scores history, top and bottom performing employees and specific areas of the house that the staff get the most complaints. Reduce customer turn-over. You'll know which clients are thrilled, satisfied, or unsatisfied with their service-and why. The ability to edit scores. ****probably wouldn't call it "yellow light", etc as some users may not be coming from CT so may be unfamiliar with the terminology. Instead, I would say, "low scores 

ABOUT US IDEAS: We are 3 service business owners who couldn't find a solution to a client satisfaction reporting tool that gave us the information we needed. We all run successful maid services and knew metrics were important, but there was no solution. We know what you need. We understand that a service business is different from retail, food, or another product delivery business. We used these forms of measurement in our own businesses because we knew we needed the information to improve. Our companies were built around customer satisfaction measurement, and now we are just providing the means to make it easier for everyone in the service industry. 

HOME PAGE IDEAS: Customer Satisfaction designed for the service industry, where people are your brand. Reporting at your fingertips Identify your weak areas at a glance A snapshot of your quality from a client's perspective Easy survey delivery via email or text Every score is tied to the client and the employees who delivered the service. No more tedious paperwork to track satisfaction scores and manually tie them to the appropriate staff members.

By: Amy Spagnola

Product Features:
Quality Driven Software offers service business numerous advantages. Customer surveys are delivered via email or an SMS Client. Never worry again about losing valuable feedback because data is delivered directly to clients. Weekly and monthly scorecards are available to print and distribute to employees as this allows for immediate insight. Offering a ‘watch list’ for low or negative scores {yellow/red lights} as well as no response category, this newly available software is a beneficial tool for any business owner.

Client scorecards will show response history, comments, complaints and trends regarding rendered services. Company scorecards will show quality score history, top and bottom performing employees as well as staff members with the highest number of complaints. Business service owners will possess knowledge regarding which clients are delighted, satisfied or unsatisfied. The software will also allow business owner users to view and edit scores.

As three service business owners who had struggled to find a client satisfaction reporting tool which provided the information we sought and needed, we decided to devise our own solution. We feel metrics are crucial to growing and succeeding as a business and decided to create software that would behoove all service businesses from retail to food to product delivery. As we strived to improve in our own businesses as successful maid service owners, we knew the advantages to having software that would deliver valuable information and reporting on our business efforts and services. Our companies are customer-centric and now we’ve found a solution to make it easier to gauge numbers regarding client satisfaction.

Home Page Ideas:
Quality Driven Software makes customer satisfaction reporting easy and attainable. Ideal for service businesses seeking reporting regarding client experience, Quality Driven Software will help identify weak areas and provide a snapshot of customer perspective. Surveys will be delivered via email or text and every score will be linked to the client and corresponding employee who delivered the service. Gone are the days of tedious paperwork and manual tracking. Now, this advanced software will automatically tie clients to employees and offer a seamless process for business owners to measure and evaluate progress and satisfaction.

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