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Simplify and Beautify Your Home with Color Coding

Simplify and Beautify Your Home with Color Coding 
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While the idea of grouping together items in piles based on color might be something fun to do with candy or crafts, it’s actually a useful technique for making a home cleaner and less disorganized.

Color-coding principles can be applied to file folders, bookshelves, closets and more. Here are some simple ways to incorporate this technique into your home scheme to create more organization and tidiness.

Whether it’s makeup palettes or lipsticks, color-coding beauty items can make them easier to find and appear neater on a countertop or in a drawer.

File Folders
Color-coding file folders by colors (say red for medical information, blue for taxes and green for bills and banking) will make finding documents much easier and a less loathsome task.

Calendars and Planners
For a busy family, nothing beats a calendar filled with post-its or color-coded tasks and priorities. Try assigning each family member a highlighter color (orange, pink or yellow) so they can easily assess their upcoming events and activities.

A closet organized by black, blue, white and more will feel very well ordered and immaculate. For more bursts of color, try hangers in different shades for various clothing items (pants are on pink hangers, t-shirts on green, for example).

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