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Before and After Online Dating Profile Rewrite

Polish that Profile!
Before/After Dating Dating Profile Rewrite:

Hi! My name is Laurie. I work in the healthcare industry.  I'm a fun-loving yogi with a passion for living life to the fullest. I love Colorado and enjoy spending my free time skiing, hiking and having adventures abroad. I'm all about checking out local brew pubs and having a drink or two. I want to spend a lazy Sunday reading all day or taking my puppy to the park. I love a good Italian dinner and some vino. I'm looking for someone who has a sense of humor and can keep up with me. No frat boys, Peter Pans or bar flies. Must be educated and physically fit. Thank you!

Hi there! My friends call me 'peep' because I'm sweet and yummy. I crave fresh, pristine mountain air and regularly set my sights on new hiking adventures and conquering black moguls atop the highest snowy peaks in Colorado. Do I love a man with a hearty laugh and abs of steel? Sure thing. Jive with me if you have affection for yoga, an addiction to trying new breweries or are a certified dog whisperer. I'm up for a date at a quaint Italian bistro as long as red wine refills are available. Catch me reading a new Gillian Flynn suspense novel on a lounge-licious Sunday or spending time planning my next travel agenda--hello Malaysia, nice to meet you. Don't delay...nerds with an outdoorsy streak and a love of eggplant parm apply now.

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