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Throwback Article: 5 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally

5 Unexpected Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Feeling Cranky? Can't Sleep? Gaining Weight? 5 Unexpected and Natural Ways to Balance Hormones

Whether you’ve felt more fatigued, irritable or just blah, there might be an explanation beyond grievances with an in-law or a stressful work situation, in fact, your hormones could be on a serious rollercoaster ride. If you’re looking to regain your mood, drop the weight and stop the stress, here are five ways to get your mojo back and your hormones balanced:

1.)          Quit the Cardio-OK, don’t stop your spin class or never do Crossfit again, but really look for activities, which do a better job of calming, restoring and nurturing. Many high intensity workouts actually stress the body, burn out the adrenals and cause free radical damage. A nature walk or a yoga class can have health benefits without the strain and damage.

2.)          Hello Jello-There are numerous health benefits to gelatin ranging from healing leaky gut to strengthening hair and nails but gelatin also is a powerhouse when it comes to balancing hormones. Try the simple recipe HERE for hormone support.

3.)          Fat Chance-Healthy fats build hormones, increase metabolism and help with depression symptoms. Try coconut oil, avocados, salmon and ghee.

4.)          Clean Machine-Try reducing or eliminating chemical-laden beauty, body and cleaning products from your daily regimen. Chemicals and toxins from these products can disrupt your body’s natural endocrine system and cause hormones to become unbalanced.

5.)          Sunshine or Supplement-A little extra vitamin D can make all the difference in your health and wellbeing. A necessary and essential nutrient, Vitamin D can relieve the symptoms associated with changing hormone levels and fluctuations.

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