Amy M. Spagnola


StupidCupid47: The Downfall of Internet Dating

While Internet dating is the main way people cite for meeting romantic partners these days, there are numerous pitfalls with the process. The numbers aren't pretty.

Here's a quick and handy reference guide to the men you'll meet while trolling the web looking for love:

60% Commitment-Phobics:
Not really interested in a long-term and commitment-focused relationship.

10% Lonely Newbies:
Just moved to town and hoping to snag a social buddy and outlet for meeting more new people

10% Samplers (Ashley Madison types):
Dating someone else, entangled with someone else, testing the waters on finding someone new.

10% Hook Up Artists:
Looking for carnal affection.

10% Love Seekers:
Looking for a steady relationship or lasting companionship.

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