Amy M. Spagnola


StupidCupid47 Series: A Man You Marry Vs. A Man You Date

If you've ever met Mr. Right Now you know the qualities and characteristics of a dude who can't even commit to a dinner at Chili's next week or tomorrow. These dudes are often the anti-marriage types who float through life with no ball and chain...they bounce from one chick to the next and chase a good time like John Mayer and Jeremy Piven's lovechild. Here are 10 signs you're dating a player and not a keeper:

1.) Houdini Habits-They text with gusto and then suddenly go cold. They leave you wondering/waiting/worrying by the phone. They're always disappearing.

2.) Busy Bee-They're always strangely busy or occupied and have sudden birthday parties or work commitments.

3.) Bail Out-They often find excuses for ditching plans and create situations in which they have an escape.

4.) Guilt Free-They're late. They stood you up. They failed to keep a promise. And their remorse is nil.

5.) Consistently Incosistent-They're never consistent with their actions. One day it's over-the-top lovey dovey Prince Charming stuff and the next, he's off the radar.

6.) Fuhgeddaboudit-Marriage is not a priority.

7.) From a Distance-They have weird phone habits. They can't be reached at all times. They don't like discussing deep or meaningful things. They don't let you meet their family or friends. They're going Kanye on you.

8.) Gut Feeling-You always have the weird feeling that they've got another girlfriend or girlfriends or Jolie-Pitt clan hidden away somewhere. You feel uneasy about your relationship.

9.) Friend Zone-You're not bf/gf. You're buddies or friends who hang out a lot and sleep together.

10.) Frisky Fast-The rush the physical stuff. And they're totally unreachable or lukewarm after you've sealed the deal.

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