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How to 'Taylor Swift' the Internet Dating World

How to Taylor Swift the Internet Dating World

While Tay Tay has taken over the walls of tween girls’ phones and desktop screen savers everywhere, undoubtedly outfitted in shiny crop tops and ankle booties galore, this music wunderkind is something of a mega mystery. When did being the ‘nice girl’ make you popular in Hollywood?

While historically the nastiest and most ruthless rose in the ranks of tinseltown, Tay is on the other end of the spectrum. She’s super sweet, gawky and tries to be besties with anyone and everyone. While I once watched on television as she painfully pandered to an aloof-seeming Jay Z at an awards show, overall her desperate charm has won countless friends, followers and fans. From Lena Dunham to Ed Sheeran to Kanye West (???), she has managed to slumber party her way to success. And guess what? Jay Z and Beyonce attended her recent birthday soiree.

And yet, while arguably this music mogul with silly hits like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is talented, by all means, she doesn’t have Celine Dion pipes or Whitney Houston range. And while sauntering across the stage is cool, it’s not exactly the same as busting out Madonna or Michael Jackson moves. So basically, Taylor’s really cute, animated and not unlike a squealing girl you’d see at any mall in America armed with an Orange Julius and their parents credit card in their J. Crew crossbody bag.  She’s really quite extraordinary for being ordinary.

The girl who could pass for a nerdy choir geek is now dating international super hunk Calvin Harris whose bod is like whoa! For this awkward and persistent overreacter and whisperer, girl has game. In addition to her fling with the sexified Mr. Harris, she’s reportedly dated John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhal, boy band miscellaneous and more. So, how did Tay—a slightly dorkie girl with a penchant for baking and a love of cats and red lipstick rise to the top of the music charts and befriend Hollywood’s elite? 

Here are the unexpected keys to Taylor Swift’s unbelievable success as a geek turned music darling, and ones you can practice in your dating life:

Taylor makes a lot of effort; she texts, Instagrams and keeps in regular communication with fans and friends. Taylor is forward and consistent in her communication. In such a cold and digitized world, Taylor’s openness, friendliness and warmth have won over flocks of girl and guy pals.
Dating Strategy: Be more forward and direct. Play less hard to get and try to be kind, caring and thoughtful. Send messages. Say hello or good morning. Be open to new friendships. Lose the fear of rejection and embrace connection.

Always one to invite friends to lunch or superstar besties to appear at concerts, Tay never shies away from including her friends, paramours and family in the fun and excitement of her life’s adventures. Many people would be threatened by including their fellow pals in their greatest highs, but Taylor lives by the motto, ‘the more the merrier.’
Dating Strategy: Going to a cool concert? Invite your new OkCupid chat buddy. Off to a rock climbing sesh? Text that new Match dude whose digits you’ve let to perish in your email inbox. Taking an impromptu road trip? Ask a group of friends to join and tell your internet matches all about your wild weekend. Live with a lot of passion for life and creating bonds and you’ll feel more centered emotionally and be more interesting to other people.

Taylor loves road trips, girl outings and attending other concerts and dining out. While Taylor may seem to be a bit ‘average’ in this regard, she actually is quite unique. Not one to sit around at home or try and escape the prying paparazzi, she’s committed to living spontaneously and happily.
Dating Strategy: Passion for life, people and animals is contagious—do like Taylor and get inspired and excited about life’s opportunities for amusement and pleasure.

Cutesy or Clever
Being charming goes a long way towards winning people over. Sarah Hyland and other besties of Taylor say she is super nice and has a wicked sense of humor. Other media outlets have reported that she’s got a way with texting that makes her charming and attractive. Dating Strategy: Be flirty! Make efforts to have an enticing wardrobe, deliver interesting texts and try cool crafting and culinary projects (or hobbies). Living with panache will go a long way towards creating life momentum that is positive and upbeat, which is always appealing.

Never Get Offended
Calvin Harris reportedly said that Taylor was not his type before she won him over. Now, Calvin seems super smitten with the feline loving songstress. Instead of throwing shade at Calvin or acting angry at his statements, Taylor seized the opportunity to engage and connect with him.
Dating Strategy: Romantic prospects may take some warming up but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Always Dress Up
Many news outlets have commented on how Taylor always leaves the gym looking fresh and polished. Tay is not one to look greasy, unkempt and sweaty. Part of Taylor’s allure is her retro image complete with fun clothes and cute make-up. Taylor knows that looking the part of a celebrity means never being a sloth, and this in turn, gives her confidence and makes her appear successful and approachable.
Dating Strategy: Always be presentable as you never know what opportunities, people or places will present themselves. And always go on dates looking pulled together as people are drawn to eye candy.

Other Tay Tay Takeaways:
Enjoy Romantics Challenges/Be Transparent and Genuine/Have a Sense of Humor/Embrace Your Inner Nerd/Have Cool Adventures with Friends and Record Them/Be Charitable

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