Amy M. Spagnola


5 Ways to Break Out of a Dating Rut

Have you had so much coffee on your recent slew of dates that you're like a jittery Jim Carey? Have you been Internet dating with such abandon that you're not even sure what you wore or where you went? Are you meeting the same type of people over and over again? If you're recycling Jasons or Janets, or you feel like every date is a chore and you're trapped in a dating prison, it might be time to evaluate whether or not you're in a dating rut.

Symptoms of a Dating Rut:

-Exhaustion with the dating process
-Not having fun getting ready, going out, meeting new people
-Aspiring to stay single and doing things that promote this -- i.e. resisting talking to the cute guy in your apartment building or avoiding your best friend's hot nephew
-Dreading new dates and feeling irritated during their process
-Being too aggressive or making your who life revolve around dates (i.e. over-dating)
-Robotically visiting the same websites, going to the same meetup groups and bars
-Chatting "innocently" with exes or past paramours
-Feeling disillusioned, disappointed and ready to ditch dating altogether
-Becoming bitter or frustrated

Ways to Break Out of Your Dating Rut:

1.) New Now
Try a new event, participate in a new activity, sign-up for a new online site. Give yourself a fresh start permission slip.

2.) Hostess with the Mostess
Have a party and encourage everyone to bring a single relative or friend. Hosting a singles party is a great way to bring new connections and energy into your social circle.

3.) Take a Trip
A mini-vacay or trip out of town might be what you need to reset. Commit to doing non-dating activities every week.

4.) Make Dates More Fun
It can be exhausting to go on interview date after interview date at quiet coffee shops. Instead, make the dates more fun and fulfilling, try an amusement park, rock climbing, wine tasting or a dance lesson. For the more daring, try a road trip adventure with this stranger/potential love interest.

5.) Single Ladies
The best way to feel better about a sorry dating life is sharing and speaking with friends about their dating disasters. Gather a group of single friends for a pity party and have a good time enjoying a pot luck at at someone's place. Bring EXTRA wine! Or a copy of Magic Mike ;)

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