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StupidCupid47--Online Dating: A Suck Story

Excerpt from My Future Ebook:
StupidCupid47-Online Dating: A Suck Story

Mommy? Daddy? Drunky?
Another pitfall of online dating is that matches are really random. I didn’t realize how many varying personalities (or disorders) existed until I threw my hat into the world of cyber courtship. An introvert doesn’t work with an extrovert (even if he’s supa cute and has a rad apartment). A vegan won’t be the best fit for a hunter with a penchant for taxidermy. An adverture-aholic won’t be a good bet for a homebody. There are so many generation Y-ers caught at a crossroads of wanting to have a secure, stable family while still wanting to binge on margaritas and sleep in until 2pm on Saturday.

The hard part is that it’s pretty black and white—you can remain a perennial student/partier/part-time waiter or you can be a full-time corporate drone/family man/grocery buyer. There is no gray area. You can’t raise a kid and be at the midnight Mumford and Sons concert. Something has to give.

Chasing Clouds
Most or many online daters find that the thrill of discarding and do-overs is ultra-enticing wherein they themselves are constantly changing, starting over and redrafting future plans, career goals and dreams. Travel, career dissatisfaction, friend/family dynamics and financial issues can stress the system even more. Why would an engineer who wants to be a teacher also want to get married and settle down? Nope. He has to revise his whole career trajectory, start over academically and professionally, and then *someday* (see: George Clooney) be ready for the problems and perks of starting a family many years from now. In the interim, said dude will online date and feign being a committed man seeking his future wifey AKA booty call. 

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