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Celebrity Hair Trends of 2015

Britney shaved hers. Kim bleached hers. Nicole colored hers. Terrible tresses make big news in far, the year of 2015 has been dedicated to radical changes and major hair horrors. Here's a roundup of the latest in celebrity follicle fiascos:

(Worst, Left/Best, Right)

Kim Kardashian
Part elfin, part Marilyn and all mistake, Kim Kardashian's platinum locks were a serious misstep for the starlet. Luckily, it appears as though it was a wig as Kimmy is back to her brunette goddess status mere weeks after flirting with the light side. Kim's best hair is dark black, free flowing, full and with lots of loose waves.

(Worst, Left/Best, Right)
Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie is a creative person; she's a jewelry and fashion designer and loves dance. While Nicole Richie made a dramatic transformation for the better after her Simple Life days going from boozy broad to refined fashionista, since then, she's dabbled in hairstyles which are more rainbow and less chic. Her current pink pixie style emphasizes her thinning hair and doesn't do anything for her skin tone. Nicole's best hair is light golden brown with tons of face framing highlights and bangs to emphasize her eyes and bring out her delicate features.

(Worst, Left/Worst/Center, Best, Right)
Jennie Garth
Just engaged, Jennie has dealt with her share of career and relationship highs and lows, and her hair is no different. Spotted in April in Mexico with severely bleached hair, Jennie just dyed it brown in time for her engagement. While her hair needs serious TLC and time in rehab, her once fair princess locks were a thing of envy and brought out the aquamarine in her eyes.

(Worst, Left/Best, Right)

Julianne Hough
With mad dancing skills on her resume and movies beckoning, Julianne is considered one of Hollywood's talented up-and-comers. She recently has gone Pink Panther with her lob (long bob) and is looking a little punk. While she's young and can totally rock an edgy style, it's hard not to miss her long California girl blonde which make her skin glow and her eyes sparkle.

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