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White Kitchens

By: Amy Spagnola
White Out: 4 Kitchen Styles and How to Achieve Them

Far from boring and basic, a white kitchen can be glamorous and classic. Paired with colorful accessories or whimsical d├ęcor, a white kitchen perfectly offsets dark or light cabinetry and blends with any lighting scheme or appliance. If you’re hoping to give your kitchen a new look with a vanilla visage, here are some tips and tricks to serve you on your way to a white kitchen.

Kitchen Styles:

Country Chic White Kitchen

This style of kitchen can be achieved with copper lighting elements, glossy white cabinetry and painted white brick for a decorative oven backsplash. Adding silvery marble to countertops or speckled gray and cream granite will make this kitchen the perfect retreat for sipping summer lemonade or noshing on a warm slice of apple pie. For added panache, scour thrift stores for farmhouse furnishings and have your remodeling contractor install salvaged cabinets or a Victorian chandelier.

Restaurant style open shelving is another option for creating a classic cozy country kitchen. A remodel can include shelving for hanging teacups, mason jars, glass canisters and an array of spices. Vintage collections like scalloped china, floral tableware or antique pitchers can be displayed on bright white shelves along a kitchen wall. For a country apothecary vibe, try custom distressed cupboards in oatmeal or built-in plate racks near the sink. Even a white electric oven can be installed to keep a cohesive shabby chic white theme.

Coastal Preppy Kitchen

Building around an ocean-inspired kitchen requires a fun and playful sense of style. The key for this kitchen is to select cabinets that evoke a breezy beachside mindset. A built in wine bar in a brushed nickel finish adds a playful but modern element and showcases colorful wine bottles. Opting for cabinets with shutters compliments a stark white kitchen by adding texture and a creative architectural accent.

Sea green and baby blue details keep the kitchen feeling vacation-worthy. Try a foamy blue tray ceiling or pistachio colored lighting fixtures for a cool California mood. Polka dot, plaid or striped slipcovers for kitchen barstools add a cutesy touch and diagonal tiles in powder blue and white amp up the nautical feel. Frosted cabinets and a seashell or tile shell mosaic backsplash afford a coastal kitchen a fun twist. Add a beach inspired iconic item like a surfboard hanging from the walls, or for a more modest artistic effort, stencil coastal chic elements onto kitchen tiles. Try a beach umbrella, palm tree or boat anchor. Another option? A cozy and relaxing window seat or built-in daybed near a window allows guests to visit and pets to snooze.

Industrial Chic Kitchen

For the true sophisticate, an industrial white kitchen is a bright idea. Muted white is clean and soft, and works well against harder industrial elements like exposed brick walls, ductwork, piping and beams. Sleek stainless steel cabinetry perfectly accents a rough and rugged space. Installing a white farmhouse kitchen sink suits the art loft atmosphere. Butcher-block countertops, caged metal hanging lights or crystal globes and stoic ambiance.

Laboratory style frosted cabinetry that slides is also an ideal choice. A wall of exposed brick and other elements in concrete, metal and wood are a good fit. A floor in weathered wood speaks to the salvage style of the space. Flea market finds like old window frames and doors can be converted into islands and transformed into wall hangings, art and tables. Other mechanical elements can keep the space on point; try old factory pieces or mechanical elements like gears, valves and rods. Polished or stained concrete is another perfectly suitable floor option. Just don’t forget to add a few cozier elements so as not to make the space too sterile. A sheepskin rug, green plants or a few wicker baskets can calm an abrasive aesthetic.

Modern Futuristic Kitchen

For those questing a super modern and streamlined eating area, there are many elements that can be renovated in a current white washed kitchen or brought into a new snowy design. Slate countertops are a terrific option for a modern kitchen. An open floor plan with pops of color in lime, pink or lemon can create a luxe look that perfectly contrasts white cabinetry or counters. Subway tiles as a backsplash and espresso flooring offer a sense of serene sophistication. Floating white shelves and stainless steel appliances add even more appeal.

Floor to ceiling cabinets, hidden appliances and pullout drawers also add complexity and style to a modern kitchen. Chrome lighting in hanging pendants or etched glass creates a dramatic effect. For more innovative ideas, try gothic lighting fixtures or cabinets, a crisp tile mural above the oven range and funky window treatments in a variety of colors and eclectic designs. Retro vintage bar stools in glassy cherry red or bright orange add even more character and zing.

Whether you elect to create a white country, coastal, industrial or modern kitchen, there are countless ideas for utilizing remodeling and construction artists to help you design and dictate your dream kitchen. There are innumerable options for creating a white space that you’ll want to use for more than just eating, but also for entertaining and enjoying for years to come.

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