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Creating Supreme Coziness in a Large Space

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By: Amy Spagnola
Creating Supreme Coziness in a Large Space

Everyone knows the Herculean task of making a teensy studio apartment or mini two bedroom house feel grand and inviting, but what about a big open airy room? A large expansive living area in home is great for entertaining and enjoying but it can pose problems in terms of coziness factor. While a spacious new home can be represent upsizing and luxury, it can have an intimacy cost. But consulting the right residential remodel company can help you discover design flair, so a big space won’t feel like a cold museum but rather home sweet home.

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A large and open studio with an abundance of natural light feels warmer with mini living stations—a dining area, music spot and couch-centric conversation center are the perfect areas for nesting indoors. Varying d├ęcor in each room makes for more cohesion in each nook. A residential remodel company can create interesting architectural details as well as practical living enhancements like a limestone fireplace and wraparound crown molding.

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A country cottage with vaulted ceilings and beams feels open and light but not cold or unwelcoming. Funky painting techniques offer the room a cool and connected vibe while a variety of seating areas gives the room a relaxed tone. Cutout windows, a photo wall display and rustic lighting take away any stuffiness and make the space feel family-oriented.

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A walk down living room feels luxurious and inviting with homey textures and fabrics. Cozy rugs, a roaring fireplace and tons of lighting options give the room an appealing atmosphere. Rooms within the room also offer practical and snuggle-worthy spaces. A dining center, reading area and kitchen are all woven within the lavish living area.

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A remodel company can take a cold loft and turn it into a chic and cozy modern space. From recessed lighting to tile flooring and open and bright windows, this room is transformed from industrial and dark to chic and cozy. Built-in bookcases, bright and eclectic art and tons of seating, keep the space inviting and warm.

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A stately cabin feels larger than life but still comfortable with the right touches. This lodge space doesn’t feel like a formal hotel with a variety of lighting ranging from brick mounted to recessed, plus, a built-in TV creates a welcoming space for friends and family to gather along with fabric club chairs and a suede ottoman. Differing floor textures and styles from tile to polished hardwood create a funky but connected living area.

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A Zen great room offers both modern and traditional features. From a hooded open fireplace to angled ceiling paneling, this room is grand but not dark and dreary. Eclectic furnishings in the form of bright red chairs and zigzag diamond rugs bring more life and intimacy back to the space.

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