Amy M. Spagnola


Save vs Splurge on Your Favorite Beauty Products 2015

We all know the cost of a gratifying and effective beauty regimen is steep. There are countless expensive lotions and potions for defying age, banishing blemishes and hydrating dull and dry skin but are there really decent knockoffs that can compete with the more expensive and higher-end beauty brands? The answer is a resounding YE$!

Sure, Fresh makes a decadent Brown Sugar Body Polish for $65 for a large jar. Yes, the sumptuous sugar and natural ingredients coat and delight the body with invigorating and luscious granules but it's distant cousin, Giovanni's Sugar Scrub in Hot Chocolate actually warms the skin and tickles the layers of epidermis with cocoa bean and safflower oil (Fresh uses jojoba). How much for the knockoff? A mea$ly $8.59. That's a difference of around $55!

Next up, Kakadu Serum with 20% stabilized Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid. Sure, it lightens and brightens but at what cost? $95 will buy you this luxurious facial oil. But is there another similar product for less? Cosmetic Skin Solutions has a 20% Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid serum with a much more budget-friendly price tag of $28.95.

Finally, Clinique makes a popular facial cream called Moisture Surge. This bad boy hydrates for 24 hours and is oil-free. But it will set you back $38.50 for a small jar. Neutrogena's new and popular hydro-boost is also oil-free and super hydrating. This hylaluronic acid spiked gel cream is also targeted at dry skin types. The cost for the Neutrogena? A much more reasonable $15.19.

Total Savings: $145!

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