Amy M. Spagnola


Kim Kardashian Blondes Herself

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When Kim Kardashian revealed her flaxen Marilyn Monroe locks (with a heavy dose of Gwen Stefani and a hint of Michelle Williams, natch) at Paris Fashion week a day ago, the world was stumped. And Shocked. And Scared. Arguably the most famous glamazon in the world had ruined her crowning glory.

Was this follicular suicide? Did she take a page from brother Rob’s book of Eternal Sorrow and start sabotaging her own looks? Is this another crazed bid for attention or is she merely playing Kanye’s submissive Barbie robot? Maybe she is set relinquishing career and aesthetic control to transform her image at the whims of her musical tyrant and self-appointed fashion emperor hubby?

While the world gasped in horror as Kimye let her beautiful swaying cocoa colored locks be bleached into oblivion, one can’t help but wonder how many extensions, dye jobs and protein treatments will revive her now obliterated tresses.
Is this yellowish shade flattering to her dark eyes and olive skin? Of course not.

All the purple shampoo in the world won’t keep that pale blonde shade looking icy and we know Kim is addicted to change (husbands, homes and handbags) and won’t be inclined to stick with this cool color for long.

Credit should be bestowed about Kim for taking risks and making radical changes. The impulsiveness is breathtaking.

We’re all sitting with bated breath wondering what she could possibly do next? Some theorize that women change their hair when they’re in a place of tumult or after a major life event like a break-up. Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Coco probably should’ve added something about bleach.

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