Amy M. Spagnola


Fix Your Hungover Skin

We've all been too many cosmos or SkinnyGirl Margaritas and you wake up looking like Mickey Rourke and Helena Bonham Carter had a love child. Well, there's hope for your 'out of sorts' hungover skin. Whether you're looking to revive your too many tequila shots face, or you just want to detox your countenance from crappy food and coffee benders, these four products will help revive, rejuvenate and rescue your urban-overloaded pallor. Start with the Kerstin Florian cleanser with rose oil to dissolve last night's mascara and foundation plaster. Next, swipe a Tri-Clarity Peel Pad all over your face to boost luster, kill acne bacteria and clarify skin's tone and texture. Follow with the Apple Brightening Mist from MyChelle to brighten, protect and strengthen the skin. Finally, finish off with Tata Harper's Rejuvenating Serum to restore elasticity and suppleness. Goodbye crap skin, hello fresh faced beauty! 

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