Amy M. Spagnola


Cooper Island Rewrite

Relish in relaxation at this dreamy Caribbean island renowned for some of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the world. Kick back with a tropical drink and soak in the sand, surf and swaying palm tress. A stress-free escape, Cooper Island is the perfect destination for yacht charters to enjoy a tangerine sunset cast against turquoise waters.

Cooper Island Beach Club
Set on the banks of Manchioneel Bay, the serene shores of this paradise are perfect for gazing over lunch of Caribbean cuisine and fresh fare like shrimp and pineapple, jerk chicken and mahi mahi fillet at the Beach Club Restaurant. Try a dab of sailing, savor a sip at the Rum Bar or shop for beachwear souvenirs. And if your muscles are a bit mushy from frolic and fun outdoors, enjoy an arranged massage from a therapist at Sole Spa.

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