Amy M. Spagnola


Writing Sample: Creativity Unlimited


Successful companies are filled with leaders and idea generators. Companies that thrive, rely on creating and cultivating fresh and forward thinking as well as originality. Engaged employees, those who feel connected and valued, are more likely to make creative contributions and to stay motivated, inspired and goal-oriented.

But how do you hit the bull’s-eye of innovation? These three strategies will help your company achieve long-term growth and success.

1.)   Workshops Crack the Creative Code
Creativity is the key to success. Companies rely on inspired ideas to trump their competitors and gain them results in profit and exposure. In order to have employees generate new and unique ideas, they often have to explore, play and practice the art of ‘thinking outside the box.’

Workshops are the window to opening up fresh insights and ideas. Whether it’s storytelling, painting or guessing game workshops, businesses can achieve results when they have employees step away from their desks to engage in exciting and playful activities.
2.)   Space Jam
The Pixar movie studio company, one of the most successful, features a campus with a large window-filled atrium space in the middle of its California location; this cafeteria-like setting serves to foster a sense of community and connection. Large, open working spaces offer the opportunity to talk, share and generate ideas.

Outside office mingling is not just for idle water cooler chitchat, as it often encourages brainstorming and thoughtful engagement. Teamwork should be a daily and routine part of office life, and companies should designate fun, friendly areas to have coworkers converse and meet on a regular basis.

3.)   Show and Tell
Interesting people have interesting experiences and can share unique insights on overcoming challenges and taking risks. Companies can elect to hire guest speakers to provide thoughtful, reflective and motivating speeches about various topics and industries.

Whether it’s a blind hiker reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, or a juggler in Cirque du Soliel, everyone has a story, which can enlighten, entertain and encourage clever and creative thought processes. Bringing in guest speakers can demonstrate the heights to which one can achieve, if they apply themselves and utilize their unique talents.

Whether your company wants to boost creativity, or keep it humming along, adding artistic activity workshops, developing a common community space and bringing in regular ‘lifestyle’ speakers will spark more creative flow and ensure a culture of innovation and a future of success.

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