Amy M. Spagnola


Cindy Jackson: Plastic or Perfect?

Her quest for beauty resulted in over 50 procedures ranging from mole removal to chemical peels and liposuction. Jackson, the Queen of Plastic Surgery made an industry out of her affection for perfection.

Is she a freak, fanatic or forever young? Cindy Jackson, a 55 year old, who today resembles the mother of Cameron Diaz or Olivia Newton-John’s sister, holds the record for undergoing the most plastic surgeries. With over 50 procedures to her credit, including five facelifts, she’s been stretched, tucked and lifted so many times, she received recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Often accused of body dysmorphia, Jackson built an empire on her way to becoming less dowdy and more doll. With a website beauty shop, books, appearances and general notoriety from her scalpel sessions. Her ordinary upbringing is what makes her story more extraordinary. She grew up in a rural Ohio farming community and was a coal-miner’s daughter; she was extremely sheltered and isolated. But at age 6, everything changed when Jackson’s parents gifted her with a Barbie doll; from that moment on, she would seek to adopt the aesthetic of this ideal female form.

Today, Jackson’s appearance would not be noticeable or appalling. She has all the features of her blonde idol. She has a tiny waist, small nose, white shiny teeth and great skin. She looks like a Mattel creation or at least, a surgeon's.

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