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Honeymoon at Home: January 2008

Denver Life, Honeymoon at Home, January 2008
The idea of frilly florals and loads of lace might spring to mind when thinking of a romantic bedroom, but fear not, the days of doilies and dowdiness are a thing of the past, today’s modern accents can create a room with the look of love without the old-fashioned flair. Depending on “desire,” the perfect romantic bedroom can be pleasing to both sexes and meet all the preferences of both. There are many variations to consider when designing a bedroom with an amorous aim.Joyce Clegg, of Daydream Designs LLC in Denver, has been designing for over 18 years in Colorado and California; she says that a romantic room should be first and foremost a space reflecting one’s personality.“This space is your own, so make it reflect your lifestyle and taste. Purchase pieces that are well made. The finish and style should be what you like.”A romantic bedroom should be pleasing to all the senses. The foremost sense, touch, should be attended to in all d├ęcor but especially in the pillows, blankets and the comforter featured on the room’s crowning glory, the bed. Satin or a super soft down comforter can inject a feeling of luxury and warmth into the space. A duvet or blankets can be bought in velvet, chenille or other soft and unique textures. Plushy pillows in various shapes and sizes placed on chairs and the bed can also create a cozy and comfortable room.For visual aspects to evoke intimacy there should be accents like candles, which will cast a soft glow (especially advantageous for disguising bumps and bulges), and a dimmer switch can take ordinary light into delicate. For more advanced decorating, a vintage chandelier can be added to a room or other wall mounted fixtures. But simply switching bulbs from bright white to a subtle pink can make for more soothing sight.Romantic mementos such as wedding pictures or favorite art can induce feelings of sentimentality. Love is often related to memories; special pictures or other display items, like a favorite glass vase, or other special antique can enhance the feeling of uniqueness and add charm and character to the room.But Clegg warns, “Don’t go overboard on romantic symbolism… beaded lampshades, scented oils, or the overuse of florals and feminine touches is going to alienate the mate.”The hum of the room is also important. Sounds in the room can include soft music from any disc player and classical collections with various artists can be easily found in bookstores. Or for a more organic vibe, a nature’s sound CD can transport an ordinary bedroom into a beachside bungalow or a remote rainforest. Waterfalls, thunderstorms and sounds of the surf can alter the audio dynamics and the mood of the room.As Clegg says, “Music is a great way to set the mood, so if you don’t have the entire house wired for sound, purchase a pair of wireless speakers (they’re about $100), place them on the floor on either side of the bed, inconspicuous, and keep the volume down low.”Another important physical aspect of a room relates to taste. Since eating is usually not the main objective in a seductive setting, it can be difficult to imagine incorporating messy food into a sumptuous and sexy bedroom. But there are many ways to add flavor to a romantic retreat. A basket of edible goodies can invite more love and lust. Coconut, pina colada, and cinnamon massage oils can be found online; as can edible perfumes, body powders and lingerie. For a more traditional romantic feast, plan an indoor picnic in the room. Champagne, chocolate dipped cherries and truffles are ideal. But if food feels like it may nix the hot and heavy, consider walls coated with (almost) edible shades.“Color schemes that are hot right now include dark, warm colors such as chocolate or plum, but using these dark colors should be done in moderation and based on the size and height of the room,” notes Cleggy.Smell is an especially crucial feature of any romantic space. Satchels filled with lavender or rose can add aroma and relaxation. Pillows can be filled with herbs, dried flower buds or petals and can be placed throughout. Fragrance sprays made with amber, fig and citrus can be a perfect way to deliver savory smells throughout the room. Fresh flowers or potpourri can also add scent-sational fragrance to the bedroom area. Or simply add a reed diffuser to continually fill the room with minimal effort.A romantic bedroom sanctuary should be an escape. Clutter, lots of knick-knacks, excess furniture or mismatched accessories can spoil a feeling of tranquility. Romance is a matter of more than sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, it’s a matter of mind. The space should be personal and feel like a passport to passion and relaxation. Like any great relationship, the room should focus on flirtation, fun, and future. Sensuality is all about individuality.As Clegg says, “Express yourself, be creative, let your animated lustful side come out and then enjoy the fruits of your labors.”

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