Monday, August 21, 2017

7 Biggest Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2017

Many celebrities rise from mediocrity to superstardom due to being genetically gifted, having rich parents or with a lot of ambition and talent. No matter how they reached the pinnacle of notoriety, there are those stars that even after reaching the zenith of a Hollywood fame have managed to spoil their riches and end up straight in the gutter. Whether they're messy, sloppy, dysfunctional or have crapped out their careers, these seven Hollywood stars know all about hitting rock bottom.

Here are 7 of the Biggest Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2017:

1. Jessica Simpson
Time has not been kind to Jessica Simpson. Back in the days of daisy dukes and Nick Lachey, the fashion mogul was one of the most admired blondes in tinseltown; she had a killer figure, toned legs, delicate features and mesmerizing curves. Jess was a megastar by any definition and showcased her singing chops right alongside platinum crooners like Britney, Mandy and Christina. Many would have predicted a long and hearty career for the buxom blonde but instead, Jessica, who is the namesake on a gazillion dollar fashion empire has chosen to waste her good looks and pop star status and become a disheveled Betsey Johnson caricature. With a bleach blonde weave, heavy tummy, thick legs and filler face not to mention terrible taste, Ms. Johnson no longer could compete in the elite circle of super famous sexpot singers.

2. Brad Pitt
Poor Brad. He's the ultimate soft spoken good boy turned sexy loner who probably would ditch his lifestyle, money and heartthrob status in an instance for a normal existence. Life and love seems to have made Brad a broken man and fame seems to have crushed his spirit. Despite lots of wealth, Brad seems rather discontent and much like Johnny Depp, a self-soother with booze and blunts. Nowadays, Brad is making a comeback by working on his art, trading vodka for coffee and living life sans Circus du Jolie. Still, he has aged less gracefully with all the stress and strain of life in the public eye. Perhaps he should make a move to Team Aniston? 

3. Rob Kardashian
Under the dark spell of Blac Chyna, Rob has managed to ditch efforts to combat diabetes and battle the bulge and instead has had ended up back to his old love Taco Bell. With constant fighting, a new baby and a broken relationship, Rob has managed to dive into the deep end of rock bottom once again. Part of the Kardashian dynasty and with a pretty boy face, Rob had a lot going for him. Personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists and fashion designers are at his beckon call--why then is he such a hot mess? The Great Wall of Chyna seems to have blocked all his efforts to turn his life around.

4. Matthew Perry
I've written about Matthew before. The former TV star looks disheveled and in dire need of a shower. Perry seems to have not subscribed to the Tao of Brad and refuses to stage a comeback. Once the beloved slim and sassy Chandler Bing, Perry now regularly looks homeless and in need of man bra. Perhaps he quit smoking and has gained some weight or maybe he just doesn't get Botox and haircuts. Or maybe never having a family and losing his career has put him in a somber purgatory. Whatever the reason for Perry's downward spiral--it sure makes you wonder what he wastes all that Friends money on? Hamburgers and hookers??

Thursday, August 17, 2017

10 Cool and Unexpected Beauty Must-Haves from Costco

Costco is renowned for its deep discounts on bulk paper products, laundry detergent and pet food. Yet, no one seems to think of this warehouse giant as a purveyor of trendy and splurge-worthy beauty products. While the vitamin section of Costco might look a little less glam than say Sephora, there are still plenty of beauty buys to pick-up from this family-friendly more-is-more superstore. Plus, many of its trendiest beauty items are drastically discounted from other retailers.

Here are 10 Cool and Unexpected Beauty Must-Haves from Costco:

1. Impressions Vanity Makeup Organizer, $49.99
Store multiple powder and blush compacts, brushes and tons of lipgloss or lipstick in this tiered tower organizer that will take you from disastrous beauty wannabe to full fledged pro.

Give the phrase beauty sleep new meaning when you settle down at night and lay your head on this wrinkle-reducing copper pillow. Bye bye botox! Hello sweet sleep.

Smooth skin, eradicate dimples and give the face and body more firmness with this facial and body beautifying elixir. Perfect for pre-vacay, this cult favorite is filled with natural ingredients and helps to highlight and tone the face and bod sans foundation. 

For those bereft of the joys of super silky and frizz free hair, this brush will be a game changer. Straightening hair ten times faster than with a flatiron, this brush will officially end the horror and heartache of crazy hair days.

Monday, August 14, 2017

12 Reasons Why You Should Quit Instagram

I was recently at a baseball game on the Fourth of July and was seated behind a family who instead of socializing, enjoying the atmosphere, watching the players and taking in the sun---spent the entire duration of the game on their phones. Snapping pictures, taking video of the wave (you need video of the wave?), checking social profiles and texting. Needless to say, it was obnoxious.

I've been at concerts, comedy shows and even Cirque du Soleil performances wherein people are more concerned with getting a picture than being in the moment and savoring the experience. Maybe a tech-centric existence should be questioned. 

Here are 12 Reasons Why You Should Quit Instagram:

1. Supercharged Envy
Just like with Facebook, no one posts Instagram shots of their cat throwing up on their rug, their acne outbreak or their bloated belly. Insta is all about filters, cute captions and happy hashtags. If you dwell on Instagram you'll find yourself feeling fat, old and ugly. Also, for whatever reason it seems that everyone on Instagram is on some exotic vacation like on a boat trip around the Seychelles or a diving vacation in the Maldives; for those of us residing in Montana or Michigan--we feel left out, ashamed of our 'boring' lives and unsettled by our everyday experiences.

2. Tech Bondage
If you're always hogtied to your phone, how you can you ever truly be in the moment or enjoying yourself. The smell of the air, the color of the sky, the funny thing your friend says--it's all lost in your obsessive need to check your phone or post a picture. No one can truly notice or engage in their surroundings if their mind is caught up in thinking about snapping a picture or editing a shot. 

3. Ad-d Me 
Most people who have the glossy and glamorous pictures on Instagram are making money. Self-promotion is the name of the game on Insta. It's like watching a stream of photographic commercials and that seems rather boring and like a waste of time, right? It sounds nasty but I don't really want to help a bunch of people make money off their abs or their ability to filter photos. A talent is singing, drawing, painting or writing--not taking a thousand selfies or going on epic vacations.

4. Judgement Day
Friends, family and strangers are watching your every move. They know where you live. What you eat. How you like your eggs. All those prying eyes are not only disrupting your privacy but making others questions things about you. How did she have the money to go on that safari? How could she be on that bar crawl the day she called in sick for work? How come he didn't tag me in that photo? All these insane questions and judgements are passed on your portfolio of photographs. Isn't it better to avoid all the drama---and stay off IG.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

10 Velvet Fashion Pieces You Need For Fall Under $100

Velvet is one of fall's trendiest fabrics. Soft, luxe and touchable, this fashion flashback to the 1980s is all over the runway and ready to hit the streets. If you're looking for some crushed velvet in your life, look no further than these tactile-tantalizing style selections.

1. The Swimsuit
Asos, $40

2.  The Handbag
Nordstrom, $59

3. The Dress

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

25 Cheap Knockoffs of Bestsellers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Did you miss this year's major Nordstrom Anniversary blowout? Couldn't afford to shop the NAS on a budget? Couldn't make up your mind on which styles to snag? Worry not. There are plenty of lookalike pieces still for sale. 

Many items in this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale sold out fast. There were hot deals on Vince Camuto, Recbecca Minkoff and Steve Madden. Plenty of purchases were made for fall items like fluffy sweaters, long duster-like cardigans, comfy loafers and suede slip-ons. This year there was major fanfare for the billowy sleeved items and festive-friendly ruffled tops.

If you weren't one of the lucky ones to snag some major loot from this year's sale, fear not, there is a way to get the look for less.

Here are 25 Lookalikes from the selection of bestsellers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

1. Venus Fly Trap

Large and loud sleeves give these sweaters a bit of fun fall flair.

Bell Sleeve Sweater, $59 (AS-after sale price), Ruffle Bell Sleeve Sweater, $24.99

2. Shades of Creamsicle

Pretty patterned dresses give any wardrobe cool girl vibes.

3. Sweater Weather

A cozy knit cardigan is perfection when paired with a sleek satin camisole. 

Rib Knit Cardigan, $55 (white-sold out), Stitch Cardigan, $24.99

4. Shoulder Swag

Flouncy and feminine shoulder ruffles give this high flying style the power to soar.

Double Ruffle Blouse, $59 (AS), Ruffle Sleeve Blouse, $19.58 (Clearance)