Tuesday, May 23, 2017

6 Celebrities Who Have Recently Gone Blonde and Likely Regret It

Going blonde is not for the faint of heart. There's bleach, broken strands and buckets of tears if the situation goes wrong AF. Many women experiment with lightening their tresses--some immediately regret the impulse and return to darker roots  while others chase down their bottles of L'Oreal Feria like rabid dogs. Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and even Kate Hudson have gone to the dark side only to return to their coveted champagne strands. While many stars need a boost of blonde to retain their signature sex appeal like Heidi Klum and Blake Lively, others fail when they enter the blonde battlefield.

Here are 6 Celebrities Who Have Recently Gone Blonde:

1. Georgina Chapman
No she didn't. The frequent Project Runway judge, Marchesa designer and arm candy to Harvey Weinstein, had some of the best hair in Hollywood. Lush, thick, long brunette strands. Now, after a brassy bleach job the creative fashion maven proves that no one is immune to the damaging effects of hair color. Undoubtedly with access to the best hair stylists, it's a wonder how Chapman's hair has gone from Fantastic to Below Average. Was she wearing extensions all those years her mane was super glossy and bountiful? Now, Georgina looks aged, hast lost a ton of hair volume and appears washed out. The color is a strawberry brassy blonde and not flattering at all.

2. Katy Perry
In typical post-breakup fashion, Perry took to the shears to rid herself of bad male mojo following her split from Orlando Bloom. While some might call it rash or a bit heavy on the Kristen Stewart imitation, Perry seems to be embracing her biker chick bad a**ness with a super buzz. While it's doubtful Perry will keep the severe cut for long, it was an interesting choice for someone who had gossiped about Britney Spears' shave. The color is not bad, a cool blonde with some dimension but Perry does look washed out, older and less feminine. Also, for someone who claims to be a natural blonde--her fresh hair roots look awfully dark. 

3. Emma Stone
Whether for a new role or just a change of heart, Emma Stone has ditched her famous ginger strands for a lighter, strawberry blonde. Not as pale and pearly as in the past, this shade doesn't completely wash out the fair skinned star but it doesn't make her features pop like a rich red. Also, with hair as fine as Emma's going blonde likely causes significant breakage and the need to lose length.

4. Jamie Chung
Almost unrecognizable with freshly lightened strands, Jamie Chung appears to be channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe this year. Gone is the hubba hubba hair--long, loose curls with plenty of volume and bounce with just a few sparse highlights and ushered in its place is the thinner full foil California blonde. At least Jamie appears to be transitioning slowly to a flaxen mane, temporarily sporting thin stripe highlights circa the 1990s. As for the shade, it's too pale for Jamie and she looked much more current and cute with the brunette bombshell look. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

10 Pippa Middleton Fashion Fails

While the Duchess of Cambridge is revered for her simple, classic and chic styles that have an air of youthfulness tucked into a labyrinth of formality, Pippa Middleton is decidedly the younger, preppier and sporty of the two lithe brunette sisters. A lover of loafers, stripes and scarves, this English beauty adores simple clothes that scream J. Crew catalog. While this author, socialite and newlywed, might love her nautical minded styles and her sweater sets, she doesn't have the flair for fashion that would catapult her into the worlds of Beckham, Beyonce or Blake. Sure, she tries to mix and match, pulls out her beloved tights and waltzes around with her low espadrilles convinced of her style superpowers, all the while, she looks a bit old fashioned and mumsy. While we can undoubtedly appreciate any sartorial efforts, Pippa still lacks that modern fashion gene. Case in point...

Here are 10 Pippa Middleton Fashion Fails:

1. Prom 2.0
She's shiny, sheeny and satin. Oh, my. The scary thing about this outfit is that it was a look Pippa wore for her promotional book tour--which was published in 2012 (Only a few years ago. Gasp!). A late twenty-something Middlteon decided this purple prom dress would be a good choice for showcasing her guru-ness in the world of entertaining and party planning. Instead, it showcased how a berry colored dress with a peplum side ruffle and dark purple pumps is an insane choice for any occasion except an 80s themed dance party.

2. Waist of Time
With tons and tons of money to spend on clothes, designers at your disposal and stylists begging for a chance to become your BFF, you'd think you would score a fashion home run at almost every occasion. Not for poor Pippa. A metallic high waisted skirt and stuffy blouse was her ensemble of choice for a jewelry presentation. And the navy tights and old lady shoes send this outfit soaring into sad territory. While the new Mrs. Matthews resembles a Renaissance Festival wench, at least her hair looks shiny and bouncy.

3. Shake Your Tailfeather
Nothing says young socialite spitfire more than a peacock flapper dress. A trapeze dress with attitude and lots of bird carnage, this blue and peach ensemble is perfect for snagging on every punch bowl table and getting caught on poor waiters trying to serve shrimp without being accosted by feathers. This look is for the birds.

4. Moscow Mule
She may not be a princess but she has a huge collection of stockings and garish hats! So there Cate! Covering her gleaming tresses with an Ushanka, Pippa strolled along with a banana colored peacoat and a wicked glossy hard tortoise shelled clutch that could store cigars or miscellaneous lip glosses. From Russia with love, or hate, it could go either way. 

5. Print-cess
Pippa most often chooses monochromatic looks and Easter shades for her daily walks to work and for all those high society functions--BTW does she walk to work?? OK, for her daily walks to grab a green juice. Pippa rarely wears busy prints or patterns but when she does--it's an unholy trainwreck. Another satin dress with a black doily print is either a clue that she's been beaten by the Queen and gone insane or another indicator she only dresses in the dark. Hmmm...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

7 Worst Lip Colors from Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits and Review

For a thin lipped teen from Calabasas, the huge explosion of her namesake cosmetics and lip lines has caught even the biggest Kardahian supporters by surprise.  With mattes, velvets and glosses, the Kylie Cosmetics brand is as big as the youngest Jenner's filler inflated lips---but are the products in the line worth the hype and epic fanfare?

An exact rip-off of the Rocky Horror Picture show, the packaging is a little goth and gruesome. Not glamorous or chic, the stark lip kits immediately call to mind vampires and dark ghoulish creatures. With bleeding lips, a white background and gray lettering, the kits are a bit somber. Koko kits and KKW kits have also made their mark in the world of Kylie's lip lines and offer a little relief from the white dripping lip . The gold Koko Kollection limited edition kit includes 3 mattes--Gorg (a rich burgundy), Okurrr (candy red), Khlo$ (a dark khaki) and 1 sparkly gloss named Damn Gina (muted pink with sparkles). The frosted pink KKW line includes Kimberly, a tawny nude shade, Kim, a peach nude, Kiki, a lighter pink nude and Kimmie, a blush colored nude.

Women have reported and found the matte shades to be very drying. Many colors darken on the lips and create a waxy parched film. Up close, the shades appear to make the lips chapped and cracks can be seen after application.

Shade Selection: Many of the kits revolve around earthy browns, pale pinks and bold red shades.

Here are the 7 Worst Lip Colors from Kylie's Kits:

Yes, there are a lot of vloggers, beauty bloggers and even Kylie herself who can make brown lips look enticing and exotic. For the average girl-on-the-go, a pair of bathroom brown lips will be hard to pull off. The color can end up looking really dark on fair skinned women and like a mucky, dirt color best reserved for Halloween.

While some women love the look of dead zombie lips, others do not. Instead of appearing like a soft mauve on the lips, this shade pulls brown. Drag queens might adore this creamy coffee color but it still is not ideal for an everyday lip.

Berry scary. This dark purple shade will frighten small children, animals and even creepy clowns will take off running.  A super dark vampy shade, this grape meets plum color will not definetely not work for teaching Sunday school.

4. Koko Kollection Okurrr 
Marketed as a vibrant fuchsia, this matte liquid lipstick from the KoKo Kollection is bright. Rather than fuchsia, this cherry lip color swatches and applies like bright stop sign red. While it's an OK shade for date night or club hopping, it's a little reminiscent of scary doll makeup. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

8 Cute and Affordable Summer Maternity Dresses from Forever 21

While having a baby on board can be a challenging and swollen time, being fashionable shouldn't be so arduous. There are many ways to rock regular and junior clothing throughout a pregnant pause (be forewarned you may need to purchase the largest size available). Still, there's no need to resort to stretch, athleisure wear or a constant merry-go-round of colored leggings. The keys for parading that cute new tummy accessory--look for colorful prints, an empire waist and go with the flow by seeking styles with a lot of give and movement. Lauren Conrad has been loving lace, Amal Clooney has been disguising her burgeoning bump behind a flurry of florals and Beyonce has been showcasing sequin. Take a cue from these famous ladies and wear something festive, fashion-forward and fierce.

Here are 8 Cute and Affordable Summer Maternity Dresses from Forever 21 (because why not):

1. Boho Me Ombre Maxi Dress, $48
A cute and earthy mama to be will be a standout in this breezy style. Pair with chunky statement earrings or other gypsy accessories.

2. Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress, $48
Being pregnant is a time to celebrate femininity and womanhood and there's no way better to embrace a fierce female attitude than with allover floral. Pair this showstopping maxi dress with a long pendant necklace and some lucite heels.

3. Embellished Peasant Dress, $58
Be a hot mama in a woven tribal dress with a billowy silhouette and lace-up detail. Add a head wrap or a pair of tassel flip flops for cool mom vibes.

Capitalizing on the latest craze of shoulder baring styles, this nautically minded mini dress is perfect for showcasing lots of leg and less belly. Pair with flat gladiator lace-up sandals in mustard, a small fringe crossbody bag and delicate charm choker set and suddenly you're the hottest mom on the block.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

7 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Be Watching

YouTube is jam packed with tutorials, reviews and instructional videos. Perhaps one of the biggest segments on the Tube is the lifestyle videos from an array of beauty and cosmetic junkies. Women clamor to watch the latest rave of Honest Beauty's newest balm or the scathing first impressions of the twinkle Tarte highlighter. While there is a sea of beauty professionals, gurus and divas run amok on this video channel, there are also many notable personalities who offer insightful and in-depth makeup analysis and assessments.

Here are 7 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Be Watching:

1. Tati

Giving herself the moniker "glamlifeguru" Tati is arguably the most prolific and notorious YouTube makeup mavens. While at first Tati appears to be just like any other Sephora addict, this girl has serious filming skills, articulate and focused beauty reports all the while adding a bit of humor to her everyday tales of cosmetic queendom. She loves a good click bait OMG, Fail or WTF video and reveals her thoughts and feelings on various lotions and potions with passion and expert delivery.
Must Watch: Luxury Dupes

2. Jeffree Star

Gurl, you are in trouble if you haven't heard of this androgynous YouTube makeup fiend. He/she has tons of tattoos, no eyebrows, long polished talons and a Louis Vuitton phone case that will make you weep with jealousy. Jeffree will become your number one YouTube bitch. Discussing deep throating Ryan Gosling is all in a day's work for this queen. While Jeffree never takes himself too seriously and loves to play with makeup, he does get mixed up in serious drama like his rift with beauty and tattoo artist Kat Von D.
Must Watch: $2500 Ulta Haul

3. Desi Perkins

Need to learn how to finally create that date night smoky eye? Wishing you could master a Victoria Secret runway look? Desperate to create a creepy and chic melting skull makeup effect for your next costume party? Look no further than Desi. A Cali chick who can create electric eyes, Kardashian skin and festival makeup, this 30-something Pisces knows how to keep viewers hooked.
Must Watch: American Horror Story Makeup Tutorial

4. Pony Makeup

Ready to be stunned? Park Hye Min is a South Korean beauty blogger with a flair for transforming herself into American celebrities like Taylor Swift. With over 2 million subscribers, this fair faced stunner is taking the YouTube makeup world by storm. And don't despair--many of her videos are armed with subtitles for those U.S. beauty-aholics.
Must Watch: Taylor Swift Transformation